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Nov 3, 2006 06:08 PM

red wine / white wine..... best matches for cheese plate?

I would really enjoy some help here?

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  1. Depends on the cheeses . I would have both red and white with flavor profiles to match the cheeses (the stronger the cheese, the more full bodied the wines should be). If you are going with basic cheddars and maybe some chevre or feta, keep the wines basic also maybe a Pinot Noir and a Sauvignon Blanc. If you are going to be a bit mor adventurous, maybe a Nebbiolo and a Spatlese Riesling (great with Blue Cheese).

    Enjoy !

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      1. Quick ref:

        More explaination (plus how to serve etc):

        You could also go out on a limb and try wines with cheese they are not traditionally paired with (as an experiment and adjunct to actual proven pairings) and see for yourself what goes and what doesn't and why. A good excuse to chow on cheese and swill wine.

        1. For young soft cheeses, go with a Savignon Blanc or another aggressively dry white

          A decent red Rioja is heavenly with a variety of aged cheeses.

          Blue cheese is lovely with heavy, luxurious white dessert wines like ice wine or tokaj. Riesling is also a nice choice--and works with more mellow cheeses as well

          1. I am in agreement with many of the posters, regarding the ease of matching many white wines, rather than reds, with "cheeses." By "cheeses," I mean a general selection from your grocery, not cheeses chosen to accompany specific wines. I'm also in agreement with the inclusion of a white and a red (or maybe more than 1 each) for the cheese course. I work with my caterer, or my grocer, to pick the specific cheeses, and will often serve a full-bodied white Burg (Chardonnay) with some cheeses, and an older CalCab, or Bdx. with others. Exceptions might be some of the wonderful hard Spanish cheeses, which seem to call out for an older Rioja, or Priorato. Something about the Tempranillo & Garnacha Tinta fits with these cheeses.

            One should also consider the mouthfeel/texture of the cheeses being served and use that as a guide - creamy cheeses with creamy wines, etc. Same can be said for a salty cheese - choose a wine with a bit more fruit-forward character, or maybe even a tiny bit of RS.

            I always give my guests the encouragement to try each cheese, with each wine, but, over the years, it is almost certain that some will go with the white far better, and some will go with the red(s), though with a bit less regularity. I've found that many cheeses are ruined, as is the wine, when randomly paired with reds.


            PS some very good links in the earlier posts!