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Nov 3, 2006 05:38 PM

An Loi in Columbia

Has this place changed ownership? I hadn't been for a while and got lunch from there today, skimpier portions, menu is a little different, just doesn't the same taste!

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  1. Yes, this place was originally owned by Viets and was very popular with Koreans. I heard from a Vietnamese friend that the owners were bought out by Koreans.

    1. It's just not the same and I'm disappointed!

      1. Sucks, but you may have to stick with Pho Dat Thahn off Snowden River down the road. I kind of prefer them for my entrees anyway, but prefer An Loi for Pho. Pho Dat Thahn's bubble teas suck though.

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        1. re: Chownut

          I had Bun a few months ago from Pho Dat Thahn and it wasn't very good, I will give then a 2nd try though!

        2. I somewhat enjoyed their stir fried lunch entree where you can pick 2 or 3 meats with rice. I haven't done any type of noodle soup there though. Also, avoid that Indian Lunch Buffet joint in that strip mall. It's pretty bad. Have you tried the sushi joint there?

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          1. re: Chownut

            Thats what I had from An Loi, the lunch special with 3 items on rice.
            I am going to check out the Pho there (Pho Dat) just to see.
            I haven't tried any of the other places in the strip!

          2. For some reason, i wasn't as impressed with An Loi's stir fried offerings, and I guess now according to you, it's worse. I guess Koreans are trying to branch out. There's another Korean pho joint in Security Square mall food court where the grand mart is. It was okay there.

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              Miss Pho is the Korean owned Pho place in the Security Square mall. Their soup base seemed bland to me, but I haven't been since they first open. I continue to recommend Pho Nam on Route 40 by the Babies'R'U. I really think that it's the best Pho in the area (but you're pretty much limited to Pho there).