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Nov 3, 2006 05:36 PM

Lupa...looking for ideas for what not to miss

I am going to Lupa tomorrow with a group of people. We've never been. And recs on what not to miss? Thanks...

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  1. the spiced date desert with an almond in the middle and mascarpone and I think a wine reduction sauce is one of the best desserts i have ever had. you are going to be so full that you will want to skip dessert . . . but resist, this dish is delicious.

    1. Was just there last night - the salumi is all great, as are the pastas. I thought the carbonara was off a bit (and not as good as Otto's last week), but the bucatini al' amatricana was good and the ricotta gnocchi was outstanding. Though I didn't have it last night, I also think the pollo alla diavola is spicy and delicious.

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        I'll second the bucatini al' amatricana - the best I've ever had in a restaurant.

      2. I went a couple nights ago and got the pennette con trippa alla romana. If you like tripe, this was the best rendition of it I've ever had. I was doubtful about the inclusion of pasta in the dish, but it really helped to balance out the tripe. It was a little spicy. Amazing dish.

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            The ricotta gnocchi with fennel sausage ragu is an absolute must. I also love the braised pork shoulder, although only as an entree (not as much when it's shredded and tossed into pasta).

            1. re: Kanger

              Yes, the ricotta gnocchi was the star of my recent visit. We're still talking about it weeks later.

          2. If they have the Orechette (probably spelling that wrong) with salciccia (definitely spelling that wrong) and broccoli rabe (woo!), I would give that a try. It's a hollow, round pasta, squished into a kind of ear-shape, and has a great texture; Lupa does it very well.

            And as everyone has said, their cheese/meat appetizer plate is stellar.

            If you're getting a dessert wine, all the Batali restaurants carry a Brachetto, an interesting sparkling red that I'd recommend.