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Nov 3, 2006 05:25 PM

La Locanda in Old City

So I used to love this place and haven't been in a while...saw a mixed review eslewhere. Also saw that it is now owned by Lamberti's (Positano Coast et al)

Any thoughts? Still good?

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  1. We went there about 7 months ago and it was excellent. I think what some people don't like is that it is loud, crazy and hectic. They take reservations now, which apparently they did not at one time. We walked in at 6:00 and they were able to accomodate us with the proviso that we were out by 8:00. But they did not kick us out.

    That eggplant dip they give you for free is amazing. Our other entrees were squid ink pasta, a whole branzino fish, and lamb shank osso bucco. I liked it because it felt more like food you would get in Italy than the usual Italian American thing....not that there is anything wrong with that.

    1. I think I'm nuts for even considering it for tonight, First Friday....but I might try for a reservation (and he'll tell me I'm nuts for sure).

      My other thought was Taipan on chestnut... hmmmm

      1. Are you sure that Lamberti's bought La Locanda? It's not listed on Lamberti's web site and it's very much unlike Lamberti's other places.

        1. nope - am not sure. but when i googled La Locanda, it came up as the first hit on google, with a map of the location beside it, and the website below the name was totally strange.

          (ps - we ended up staying in our hood and went to Tequila's and were reminded of how excellent that place is and that it should remain in our regular restaurant rotation).