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Where do the Kansas City Foodies like to shop for, what else, food?

With the new Green Acres Organic Grocer opening in the Briarcliff Village Shopping area soon, and all of anxiously waiting to check it out, it does make me wonder: Where do the foodies in KC like to shop for their . . .food?

P.S. For more info about Green Acres Organic Grocer go to: http://www.greenacres.com/about.php Their soft opening date is set for November 11, 2006 with their grand opening on December 2, 2006.

Your posts can be anything from a really terrific chain grocery store you would like to recommend to an ethnic specialty grocery store you alway hit up for those authenic ingredients to a farmers market roadside stands you love to frequent.

I am always looking for new places to go in KC . . .just for fun and for inspiration. Please help me find a new place to go when I am needing to feel inspired.

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  1. I have to admit, when it comes to going to the grocery store, I’m a bit lazy, especially if it’s after work!! Hen House is so close to me, so it really can’t be beat as far as locale goes!

    If I’m being particularly good about cooking at home (which lately hasn’t been all too often), I will make a menu/ grocery list for the week on either Friday night or Saturday morning. Then, I take my list to the farmer’s market (my favorite is the Overland Park market- I just like that area of town) and try to get all of my produce there, when they’re open of course. I also take that opportunity to get any spices that I might need at Penzey’s, with the exception of my grey salt- I get that for a spectacular price at Aû Marché in Lawrence. After that, I usually head to Hen House to get the rest of the groceries. If I had more opportunities, I would shop at Whole Foods or other smaller grocers more often.

    If we need good cheeses, we go to The Better Cheddar- my husband and I gave our parents baskets of fun foods and stuff one year for Christmas and got a lot of the cheese there. (Wish we had more artisan cheese producers in the area- we went to one goat cheese maker in British Columbia and the cheese was fabulous!)

    Casa Paloma has a ton of traditional Mexican ingredients, of which I haven’t bought anything yet. I’m participating in the Home Cooking board’s Cookbook of the Month and this month is Rick Bayless’s “Mexico One Plate at a Time”, so I’m thinking that will change soon.

    That’s all I can think of for right now, but I’m sure I will come up with more!

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      Katie, FYI I know if a local goat cheese maker in DeSoto, KS. She has several varieties and is in the process of expanding her production facilities.

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        Amy... do you have any contact info or an address for them? Would love to look into that more!

        1. re: Katie Nell

          Ooooo, me too! Me too! Please share with all!

        2. re: amy_rc

          Amy, I saw you were on CH today but perhaps didn't see us asking about the DeSoto goat cheese maker? I'd love to know who she is and where she's located, too.

          1. re: amyzan

            So sorry, I have been so busy at work and I completely forgot to find and post that info. I will get right on it...

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              Drumroll, please...Goat Lady Cathy lives outside of DeSoto southeast of K-10. She has wonderful cheeses and is in the process of building some type of special cheese cave (or something like that) in which to further hone her craft. She is quite a talker and will go into great detail about her product. Her number is xxx-xxx-xxxx and she'll give directions. It isn't as wonderfully romantic as I'm sure the artisan cheese maker in British Columbia, but it is good.

              [Note: The phone number originally listed in this post has changed to 913-397-6962 -- The Chowhound Team]

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                Thanks Amy! I'll be calling her as soon as I use up the Goatsbeard chevre in the fridge.

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                  It's Kathy, and here's an article that mentions her:


                  I hate you more with each passing day Kansas City. You have so many more producers in your radius than we do.

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                    Thanks, Amy (and Bob)! I'm sad I missed that farm tour- sounds like fun!

              2. re: amy_rc

                How could I get in touch w/ this lady? I am a desoto res.

                1. re: FergMePleez

                  Amy RC gave her number above. It's a Lawrence area code.

            2. I shop at several ethnic markets for middle eastern, hispanic, Indian and asian ingredients. I live very close to Jerusalem Bakery, they have a small grocery section with great prices. Al Habashi in the City Market is great. I also shop at Kim Long and Chinatown Market for Asian stuff. If I'm out that way I'll go to Oriental Supermarket at 104th and Marty for Japanese and Korean ingredients. Right around the corner on 105th is India Emporium. Great selection of anything you'd need for Indian food and the people who own the place are so nice! Actually, all of the above places have nice people working in their stores.
              We also go to Cosentino's Brookside Market. Very good meat and produce and lots of (pricey) speciality items. My favorite SuperMarket is the Roeland Park Price Chopper. It's targeted to the Hispanic market. The produce is great and you can get all sorts of Mexican food things. And cuts of meat that you won't often find in regular supermarkets.

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                Yes! Isn't the back side of that shopping center at 103rd and Metcalf an ethnic foodies dream? There is the Chinese place, Jewish place, Indian place and I believe there used to be a pretty good Mexican place, right across from the Chinese place is a Korean place. I was so excited to discover this about a year ago.

                I am totally with you on the "Mexican Price Chopper" in Roeland Park. I used to live over there and adored going in there to try new things. (Some of the people I have run into that live over there hate that grocery store . . .they have no idea what they are missing!!!) I think it is one of the cheapest and best places in the city for Mexican ingredients. Also, I noticed the "unique" cuts of meat in their meat case the last time I was there and can't wait to go back and try some. It is one of the few places in town I can find dried shrimp for my Brazilian Vatapa recipe.

              2. we're partial to the brookside market, as well, since we live in brookside. we also like to go to whole foods on occasion, as well as wild oats, but they are normally too far for us. the price chopper in roeland park is great, as well. better cheddar is fun to just go and sample all the cheeses and pick up a hard to find soda or root beer. for meat we also like mcgonigle's, and the seafood at the brookside market is pretty good. are there other places for seafood that people really like?

                1. Seafood is such a problem in this town . . .where can one find a good fish monger in KC? Everyone I talk to about this "abscence of fish mongering" says the same thing . . .Whole Foods is as close to fresh fish that we have in this town. I would have to agree, but I still find that a sad state of affairs since Whole Foods is not always convenient to get to for me. Anyone else know of other places for fresh seafood in this town?

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                    Sometimes McGonigles (79th and Ward Parkway) has great seafood. Lately I've noticed their scallops and prawns - they're pricy, but sooooo worth it.

                    1. re: butterfli311

                      McGonigles is an intriguing recommendation . . .considering in my mind they are the MEAT place in KC. And what fantastic meat they have . . .but I'm sure their seafood must be good as well. Many thanks!

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                        I am a newbie as well.. but an "unknown" little meat market is "The Meat Store" in Raytown... right near 67th Street and Raytown Road. Much more like the old timey little meat market type stores. Not cheap, but for some of those cuts of meat that are hard to find, check it out. Great place for BBQ fans that live in the area...

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                      It's not convenient for you, I'm sure, and not in KC, but pack a cooler and venture out to Lawrence. The Community Mercantile on 9th and Iowa has a small but very fresh seafood dept. Call ahead to find out when a shipment's fresh. (I believe it's Fridays, but it's been a while since I shopped for seafood, honestly.) They're the only place I've found whole wild US shrimp that aren't EZ peeled and aren't frozen. (Hen House and Whole Foods have them frozen in 1# bags.) The buyer is frequently there and available for recommendations.

                      They also have a very nice produce dept., with a large variety of organics, and plenty of local products. Helpful staff, and your dollars go back into the community, rather than into some CEO's pockets.

                      1. re: amyzan

                        There's also a couple that comes from Texas to Lawrence with fresh seafood, might only be in the farmer's market seasons, but I can get more info. from my parents if anyone is interested. They've bought quite a bit from them including shrimp, red snapper, and crab.

                        Edited to add: I love The Merc! The cooking classes are fun too!

                          1. re: Aaron Deacon

                            Ooh... my dad is on top of things today! Here is the website: http://www.fabianseafood.com/ They don't start up again until April, but basically you sign up to be on their mailing list and they send you a postcard and an e-mail to let you know when they will be coming. Everything we've tasted has been very fresh.

                              1. re: Aaron Deacon

                                No problem! Also, for others interested in food shopping in Lawrence, here's an article on the Meat Market: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2006/nov...

                    3. The Price Choppers get most of their seafood from the same places as most restaurant do(they will special order fish for you. Just ask if it's fresh, I would bet they would even let you smell it. If you want local fish there was a market out on 291 and 210 a few years backs. They had catfish and other Missouri river types. I sure they can even get something like spoonbill if you are in for local roe. I've seen a few restaurants in town that are using the Missouri type roe on their menu. I know the Price Choppers carry Missouri trout.

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                      1. re: sallyport

                        Never heard of this local fish place . . .making a note about it as I write this to say thanks for the tip.

                      2. I also feel like I must mention the infamous RED X . . .I must confess I have not made it YET to the one on Riverside, but I frequent the new one in Grandview and have been amazed at how cheap the prices are and the selection of ethnic ingredients (particularly Mexican) have been impressive as well. And the wine selection . . .well where does one start except to say the largest and cheapest in town. If you love wine, and who doesn't, you must make a trip.

                        1. Redx is great, but beware it's not as trendy as cellar rat or other glam wine shops. The selection is great and so is the pricing.

                          1. Irv's Market on Metcalf moved, but the Oriental grocery took over its space. I haven't been in for a few weeks, but I'm curious to see how they'll occupy the space. I wonder if they'll be using the kitchen, hmmmm...

                            I shop Penzey's and the Indian market on the other side of the center from the Oriental grocery. There is also an Indian market north at 91st and Metcalf called Ambica, across the street from Whole Foods. His produce selection is good on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when it's delivered. There is a Vietnamese market on SM Parkway at Quivira, in the shopping center anchored by Gordman's. It's small, but carries most things when I don't have time to go to the shops up east of River Market. The young man who manages is bilingual, and helpful with unfamiliar ingredients. Fervere for bread. Wild Oats and Whole Foods are on my list, as is Dean and Deluca for things I can't find elsewhere and am willing to pay the price. I also shop Hen House for certain items, and SuperTarget. I'm a grocery whore...but I'd guess I'm not the only one!

                            Oh, and I forgot the Community Mercantile in Lawrence, which has the best produce department around, plus wild caught whole shell shrimp. (I dislike EZ peel.) Then, there's Wheatfields for bread (and pastry on the weekend!)

                            1. Hi newbie here. I've been lurking here for a while and enjoying people's posts on the KC food scene.

                              I'm kind of surprised no one mentioned Costco as a place they go for ingredients. Some of their ingredients and seasonings are very good quality or high end at good prices like their balsamic vinegar, olive oil,cheeses and nuts. BTW, they have very good selection of inexpensive wines in the warehouse now for the holidays. My sister in CA claims their fresh seafood like crablegs are good, but I have yet to buy some. I even buy my rice at Costco because I had a horrifying experience at one of the City Market Asian grocery stores- no wonder it was on sale, it was infested with bugs.

                              For Asian foods, my favorite store at the moment is 888 Supermarket on W87th st in OP. It's much cleaner and better organized than most Asian stores in KC. The fresh veggies are good quality but usually snapped up on Tuesday and Thursday when they are delivered. Awesome frozen food section and the owner is very nice lady. Before I discovered 888, I frequented Kim Long on 511 Cherry. It is much smaller but has quite a bit of everything.

                              For everyday type stuff, I go to either Pricechopper or Hyvee. A colleague from Boston who is a real fish fanatic and has gone all over KC for fish told me the Hyvee on Stateline/123 st has best white fish that is Fedexed.

                              And that new French bakery Artisan Francais has pretty good bread and almost approaches Bread and Cie, a bakery in San Diego in my heart is the benchmark of darn good bread. Haven't gone to France yet, so I'm sure the real deal blows Bread and Cie out the water.

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                              1. re: vsoy

                                Thanks, vsoy, and welcome! Great first post...I look forward to reading more.

                                1. re: vsoy

                                  TESTIMONIAL! 888 is the best...I live right down the street from it and am in there at least once a week. There is a young girl that works there that can help you find anything and/or answer any questions you might have...LOVE that place!

                                  1. re: vsoy

                                    I haven't had the bread at Artisan Grancais, but I have sampled a few of their pasteries and goodies. Wow, this place is so good!!!

                                  2. Wal-Mart at 91st and Metcalf. Yes, Wal-Mart. Their prices are low, and, while their selection is limited, there's a Whole Foods across the street that has what they don't have (and they are missing a lot). So I buy staples like milk at Wal-Mart, and then cross the street to get whatever they don't have at Whole Paycheck. There's also an Indian market in the same strip mall.

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                                      Do you mean Ambica, in the same mall as Walmart, nearer Il Trullo and the dance studio? They have a nice produce and perishable selection, as well as the Indian Bazaar at 103rd and Metcalf. Each is a little different in their selection.

                                    2. I love reading all of these posts. So many places to try! There are many reasons to shop around, price, quality, taste, sustainability. Kansas Citys locally owned Hen House Markets and their partnership with Good Natured Family Farms is a leader (nationally) in the local food movement. Whole Foods might not have the cheapest milk...but they have mill from a local producer. Finding the best price may not be whats best for you or for us. Beware of the wal-mart as their price does not reflect the real cost of food production. By supporting as much LOCAL as we all can it will allow local food production to grow and diversify...great news for all us foodies.

                                      1. Wasn't until I moved away that I realized KC has some great sausagemakers. Couldn't get quality brats and sallisicca when I left town. McGonigles, already mentioned, makes a great bratwurst and excellent sweet italian sausage, I've only had it frozen but talk to the counterman.

                                        My favorite italian sallasicca is from


                                        Mendolia's italian sausage is also very good, I find both of these in various local grocery stores.

                                        Don't forget Werner's specialty meats on Johnson drive. Sausage/charcuterie and Scandinavian/German specialties. Darned good sandwiches, too.

                                        Another item to search for locally - Real country ham just like Grandpa used to make from Burger's Smokehouse. Other meats as well, but it's the country ham and bacon that I like.


                                        One final local name to remember is Boyle's. Love their corned beef. Always good meat.


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                                          I like how you think, and for meat/sausage, I've got to add: Krizman's House of Sausage in KCK. Kielbasa is heaven.

                                        2. For meat I go to Rancher's Gourmet (135th & Metcalf) because it's too far for me to get to McGonigles.

                                          For specialty items like sauces, jams, teas, desserts, etc. I go to Dean & Deluca (119th & Roe).

                                          Bread - Artisian Francais (119th across from Sprint)

                                          Indian market at 119th & Metcalf in Rosewood Shopping Ctr.

                                          Everything else (produce, etc.) I like Whole Foods (92nd & Metcalf) or Wild Oats (119th St. across from Sprint).

                                          Do NOT go to the Dillons at 143rd & Metcalf. It is the worst with absolutely no selection and expired items on the shelf.

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                                            Don't know anything about that Dillon's but that it's the only place I know in the area to get Tony Packo's pickles.

                                            1. re: Aaron Deacon

                                              I saw Tony Packo's at the Cosentino Market in Brookside last week.

                                              1. re: heatherkay

                                                I've bought Tony Packo's pickles in Brookside, too. They've carried them for a long, long time. I just want them to carry Tony Packo's Brittany Tomatoes. Haven't inquired about that in a while. Maybe I'll have to ask again. I don't get over there more than once or twice a month though.

                                                1. re: heatherkay

                                                  Wow, thanks! We bought out the sweet hots at Dillon's last time, to avoid another trek down to 143rd and Metcalf. Looks like you've saved us a repeat trip.

                                            2. I want to reiterate Fervere Bakery for bread. It is AMAZING, but you need to watch when you go, because hours are limited and bread sells out early.

                                              1. For regular grocery shopping I always go to the new HyVee at 119th St in Olathe. They have a wonderful produce section and I especially love the large organic food area of the store. I'm not so crazy about their meat selection so I usually go to McGonigles at least once a month to stock up.

                                                1. Any new developments? Particularly for produce in the Northland? We're just relocating here from Portland, Oregon. Which grocery stores do you like best in North KC?

                                                  I'm sure we'll be making regular trips to the downtown market and Parkville farmer's market (not sure how long their season is). Also - I'm sure we'll head out to Whole Foods and the 103rd & Marty area pretty often. (My daughter will be taking dance classes closeby - not too convenient for us but we don't mind with great ethnic markets in the area.) We're looking for any new recommendations.

                                                  Thanks! Hope we'll soon be "qualified" to be regular contributors on the KC chowboard.

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                                                  1. re: catroo

                                                    I'd recommend you check out the Hen House Markets and Price Chopper stores owned by Balls Food Stores. Their Buy Fresh, Buy Local program highlights locally grown produce, meats, dairy, eggs, honey, and "value-added" products (salsas, jellies, etc.). I don't know if all Hen Houses participate, and I know that not all Price Choppers do, so you should probably call ahead. Hen House also sponsors a CSA.

                                                    You can read more about the program here


                                                    I've always had good luck at the Hen House in Fairway and in Merriam, and I LOVE the Price Chopper in Roeland Park. It looks like you have one at I-29 and NW 64th Street, but I can't verify its quality.

                                                    1. re: catroo

                                                      Depending on where you live, the Price Chopper in Parkville is well designed with the best meat/fish I have found in the northland. They actually have prime cut beef and a great selection of fish on Tuesdays and Fridays. Green Acres has been disappointing to me, but I'm addicted to many of the 365 brand items from Whole Foods. Hen House really does carry more local stuff. The Hen House on 64th has mediocre, unimaginative produce. If I want anything out of the ordinary, I go to the Price Chopper on Vivion Rd. I'm centrally located, though, making it easy to get anywhere.

                                                    2. I have enjoyed shopping at the Farmers' Market in downtown Overland Park. It is open (I think) April through October. Someone who knows better than I may need to correct me on this. I know that I shopped there on their last weekend to be open on October 28 lat year. Eggs, fruit, vegetables, pies, and more are available. This summer we bought fresh fruit to enjoy while in the area. Last October I brought several winter squashes home to Georgia - and they were so good!