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Nov 3, 2006 05:03 PM

Where do the Kansas City Foodies like to shop for, what else, food?

With the new Green Acres Organic Grocer opening in the Briarcliff Village Shopping area soon, and all of anxiously waiting to check it out, it does make me wonder: Where do the foodies in KC like to shop for their . . .food?

P.S. For more info about Green Acres Organic Grocer go to: Their soft opening date is set for November 11, 2006 with their grand opening on December 2, 2006.

Your posts can be anything from a really terrific chain grocery store you would like to recommend to an ethnic specialty grocery store you alway hit up for those authenic ingredients to a farmers market roadside stands you love to frequent.

I am always looking for new places to go in KC . . .just for fun and for inspiration. Please help me find a new place to go when I am needing to feel inspired.

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  1. I have to admit, when it comes to going to the grocery store, I’m a bit lazy, especially if it’s after work!! Hen House is so close to me, so it really can’t be beat as far as locale goes!

    If I’m being particularly good about cooking at home (which lately hasn’t been all too often), I will make a menu/ grocery list for the week on either Friday night or Saturday morning. Then, I take my list to the farmer’s market (my favorite is the Overland Park market- I just like that area of town) and try to get all of my produce there, when they’re open of course. I also take that opportunity to get any spices that I might need at Penzey’s, with the exception of my grey salt- I get that for a spectacular price at Aû Marché in Lawrence. After that, I usually head to Hen House to get the rest of the groceries. If I had more opportunities, I would shop at Whole Foods or other smaller grocers more often.

    If we need good cheeses, we go to The Better Cheddar- my husband and I gave our parents baskets of fun foods and stuff one year for Christmas and got a lot of the cheese there. (Wish we had more artisan cheese producers in the area- we went to one goat cheese maker in British Columbia and the cheese was fabulous!)

    Casa Paloma has a ton of traditional Mexican ingredients, of which I haven’t bought anything yet. I’m participating in the Home Cooking board’s Cookbook of the Month and this month is Rick Bayless’s “Mexico One Plate at a Time”, so I’m thinking that will change soon.

    That’s all I can think of for right now, but I’m sure I will come up with more!

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    1. re: Katie Nell

      Katie, FYI I know if a local goat cheese maker in DeSoto, KS. She has several varieties and is in the process of expanding her production facilities.

      1. re: amy_rc

        Amy... do you have any contact info or an address for them? Would love to look into that more!

        1. re: Katie Nell

          Ooooo, me too! Me too! Please share with all!

        2. re: amy_rc

          Amy, I saw you were on CH today but perhaps didn't see us asking about the DeSoto goat cheese maker? I'd love to know who she is and where she's located, too.

          1. re: amyzan

            So sorry, I have been so busy at work and I completely forgot to find and post that info. I will get right on it...

            1. re: amy_rc

              Drumroll, please...Goat Lady Cathy lives outside of DeSoto southeast of K-10. She has wonderful cheeses and is in the process of building some type of special cheese cave (or something like that) in which to further hone her craft. She is quite a talker and will go into great detail about her product. Her number is xxx-xxx-xxxx and she'll give directions. It isn't as wonderfully romantic as I'm sure the artisan cheese maker in British Columbia, but it is good.

              [Note: The phone number originally listed in this post has changed to 913-397-6962 -- The Chowhound Team]

              1. re: amy_rc

                Thanks Amy! I'll be calling her as soon as I use up the Goatsbeard chevre in the fridge.

                1. re: amy_rc

                  It's Kathy, and here's an article that mentions her:


                  I hate you more with each passing day Kansas City. You have so many more producers in your radius than we do.

                  1. re: amy_rc

                    Thanks, Amy (and Bob)! I'm sad I missed that farm tour- sounds like fun!

              2. re: amy_rc

                How could I get in touch w/ this lady? I am a desoto res.

                1. re: FergMePleez

                  Amy RC gave her number above. It's a Lawrence area code.

            2. I shop at several ethnic markets for middle eastern, hispanic, Indian and asian ingredients. I live very close to Jerusalem Bakery, they have a small grocery section with great prices. Al Habashi in the City Market is great. I also shop at Kim Long and Chinatown Market for Asian stuff. If I'm out that way I'll go to Oriental Supermarket at 104th and Marty for Japanese and Korean ingredients. Right around the corner on 105th is India Emporium. Great selection of anything you'd need for Indian food and the people who own the place are so nice! Actually, all of the above places have nice people working in their stores.
              We also go to Cosentino's Brookside Market. Very good meat and produce and lots of (pricey) speciality items. My favorite SuperMarket is the Roeland Park Price Chopper. It's targeted to the Hispanic market. The produce is great and you can get all sorts of Mexican food things. And cuts of meat that you won't often find in regular supermarkets.

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              1. re: zataar

                Yes! Isn't the back side of that shopping center at 103rd and Metcalf an ethnic foodies dream? There is the Chinese place, Jewish place, Indian place and I believe there used to be a pretty good Mexican place, right across from the Chinese place is a Korean place. I was so excited to discover this about a year ago.

                I am totally with you on the "Mexican Price Chopper" in Roeland Park. I used to live over there and adored going in there to try new things. (Some of the people I have run into that live over there hate that grocery store . . .they have no idea what they are missing!!!) I think it is one of the cheapest and best places in the city for Mexican ingredients. Also, I noticed the "unique" cuts of meat in their meat case the last time I was there and can't wait to go back and try some. It is one of the few places in town I can find dried shrimp for my Brazilian Vatapa recipe.

              2. we're partial to the brookside market, as well, since we live in brookside. we also like to go to whole foods on occasion, as well as wild oats, but they are normally too far for us. the price chopper in roeland park is great, as well. better cheddar is fun to just go and sample all the cheeses and pick up a hard to find soda or root beer. for meat we also like mcgonigle's, and the seafood at the brookside market is pretty good. are there other places for seafood that people really like?

                1. Seafood is such a problem in this town . . .where can one find a good fish monger in KC? Everyone I talk to about this "abscence of fish mongering" says the same thing . . .Whole Foods is as close to fresh fish that we have in this town. I would have to agree, but I still find that a sad state of affairs since Whole Foods is not always convenient to get to for me. Anyone else know of other places for fresh seafood in this town?

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                  1. re: jvergara

                    Sometimes McGonigles (79th and Ward Parkway) has great seafood. Lately I've noticed their scallops and prawns - they're pricy, but sooooo worth it.

                    1. re: butterfli311

                      McGonigles is an intriguing recommendation . . .considering in my mind they are the MEAT place in KC. And what fantastic meat they have . . .but I'm sure their seafood must be good as well. Many thanks!

                      1. re: jvergara

                        I am a newbie as well.. but an "unknown" little meat market is "The Meat Store" in Raytown... right near 67th Street and Raytown Road. Much more like the old timey little meat market type stores. Not cheap, but for some of those cuts of meat that are hard to find, check it out. Great place for BBQ fans that live in the area...

                    2. re: jvergara

                      It's not convenient for you, I'm sure, and not in KC, but pack a cooler and venture out to Lawrence. The Community Mercantile on 9th and Iowa has a small but very fresh seafood dept. Call ahead to find out when a shipment's fresh. (I believe it's Fridays, but it's been a while since I shopped for seafood, honestly.) They're the only place I've found whole wild US shrimp that aren't EZ peeled and aren't frozen. (Hen House and Whole Foods have them frozen in 1# bags.) The buyer is frequently there and available for recommendations.

                      They also have a very nice produce dept., with a large variety of organics, and plenty of local products. Helpful staff, and your dollars go back into the community, rather than into some CEO's pockets.

                      1. re: amyzan

                        There's also a couple that comes from Texas to Lawrence with fresh seafood, might only be in the farmer's market seasons, but I can get more info. from my parents if anyone is interested. They've bought quite a bit from them including shrimp, red snapper, and crab.

                        Edited to add: I love The Merc! The cooking classes are fun too!

                          1. re: Aaron Deacon

                            Ooh... my dad is on top of things today! Here is the website: They don't start up again until April, but basically you sign up to be on their mailing list and they send you a postcard and an e-mail to let you know when they will be coming. Everything we've tasted has been very fresh.

                              1. re: Aaron Deacon

                                No problem! Also, for others interested in food shopping in Lawrence, here's an article on the Meat Market:

                    3. The Price Choppers get most of their seafood from the same places as most restaurant do(they will special order fish for you. Just ask if it's fresh, I would bet they would even let you smell it. If you want local fish there was a market out on 291 and 210 a few years backs. They had catfish and other Missouri river types. I sure they can even get something like spoonbill if you are in for local roe. I've seen a few restaurants in town that are using the Missouri type roe on their menu. I know the Price Choppers carry Missouri trout.

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                      1. re: sallyport

                        Never heard of this local fish place . . .making a note about it as I write this to say thanks for the tip.