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Nov 3, 2006 05:00 PM

TomTom Tamales

Do these still exist? Back when I was a kid we used to buy these paper wrapped tamales at a snack bar under the IC tracks on 57th street. Red sauce, great masa, mystery meat core...

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  1. Yes, they're still out there! Even Jewel & Dominick's sell them in the frozen section. As of a few years ago, you could go directly to the plant on the Southside and buy them in bulk.

    Also, quite a few hot dog stands carry them and serve them plain or topped with chili.

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    1. re: wineaux

      What hot dog stands? Where? Do you mean carts?
      That's something that bothers me about Chicago: no street vendors. I could totally eat a hot dog, but there aren't any outdoor vendors.

      1. re: rubinow

        Hot dog stands and carts still exist all over the city.

        I'm not a fan of TOM TOM tamales.

        Try the tamales at La Casa Del Pueblo on Blue Island just south of 18th street. They melt in your mouth and are amazing!

    2. As noted above, most area grocers have them.

      But the Red Hot Chicago hot dog stands tend to carry the TomTom brand. While most other places seem to have the Supremo brand which IMO are just about the same.

      Maybe they should be called Faux-amale's instead. Mushy cornmeal in a steamy paper wrapper! These things never really were tamales in the true sense, but they are tasty in the same depraved way that I still enjoy a Jack-in Box taco every now and then.

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      1. re: abf005

        Next time I'm out there, I'll have to look in the freezer case.
        We've got all sorts of "real" tamales out here is California, and come Christmas time we get lots of home-made versions. And plenty of Central and South American renditions. But, as you say, its that memory/depravity...
        and ten of a buck JiB tacos got me thru the empty pockets college daze.

      2. I hear you! Maybe we oughta work out a swap, you send me a dozen JIB tacos and I'll mail you a box of TomToms or Supremo's!!

        1. i'm out of state, does anyone have an address and phone number for tom tom tamales? thanks

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          1. re: stevef2222

            4750 S WASHTENAW AVE
            CHICAGO IL 60632
            TEL 773 523 5675

            1. re: myresha96

              I am from Chgo,and had relocated to Texas,have been looking for Tom Tom Tamales,, Thank you,I now have them Shipped Awesome Thanks