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Nov 3, 2006 04:37 PM

Toronto good cake in Don Mills area

Heading through Leslie/Don Mills/York Mills area on my way to a birthday.

Where can a good cake, not too sweet, made from scratch & with good quality ingredients be found?

Something near Don Mills/York Mills area like this????

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  1. There are several places in what appears to be an industrial mall at, I think, 1875 Leslie. There are bakeries for sure. There is also a food shop there called Fitz Henri that has delicious baking, but I don't know whether they stock ready made cakes - you'd need to call first.

    Chapmans in the Bayview/York Mills plaza also has some excellent baked stuff.

    1. Hey... Chapmans is the sort of thing I was thinking of, but they don't stock ready made cakes... hmmm...

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        Are you sure? I have bought cakes at Chapmans in the past. Very expensive but usually good (even some of the "dietetic" cakes have been edible)

      2. I just called them... they said they have coffee cake & such, but for any fancy cake you have to pre-order a day in advance.

        I'm trying to call Fitz Henri, but getting constant busy signals.

        Yeah, I'd prefer to avoid "very" expensive, but would like to find a really good, wholesome, tasty, well-made cake...

        Any other thoughts?

        1. How bout the Maxim Patisserie on Finch between Leslie and Bayview?

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          1. re: Chester Eleganté

            Maxim has a really nice Strawberry Meringue cake. My family loves it!

          2. I think Fitz Henri has gone from there but Phipps is down that little road.