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Nov 3, 2006 04:06 PM

Christmas in St. Louis

My husband, a proud STL native, and son will be visiting STL to watch the Rams play on Christmas Eve Day. Anyone know eating places that will be open 24-25 December? If not, any good way to find out without having to call a few (or more) favorites?

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  1. There was a similar thread regarding Thanksgiving recently. The consensus was to check in the Get Out section of the Post Dispatch a couple of weeks before.

    1. Sounds like fun! In our circle, the friends who do not celebrate go out for Chinese.

      1. the Post-Dispatch will be listing restaurants that serve Thanksgiving dinner in the Let's Eat section (Wednesday) and the Get Out section (Thursday) the week before Thanksgiving. I suspect they will do the same with Christmas. Also, the Riverfront Times and the Get Out section are filled with restaurant ads and as you get closer to Christmas, you should be able to find ads that say if the restaurant is serving on Christmas.