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Nov 3, 2006 03:57 PM

Itenerary for Visiting College Friends... HELP!! ANY ADVICE WELCOME!

2 Friends from college in town next weekend. Here is my tentative "itenerary". Please share any advice or thoughts about any of these choices!


breakfast - bagels
lunch - THE MODERN (we'll be visiting MOMA anyway)
early dinner at RED CAT before going to the theatre


brunch - BALTHAZAR
afternoon tea - ST. REGIS
late dinner - i have reservations at LE GIGOT, PEASANT, and THE ORCHARD


breakfast - i'm cooking
lunch - ?????

I'm not sure about lunch on Sunday or what to choose for our SAT dinner... or if I should do something else entirely. Thoughts?? Thanks so much for any info!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely itinerary - but Pearl is closed on Sundays. Maybe go there on Saturday (they close at 11pm) and to one of your Saturday places on Sunday - I very much like Le Gigot - haven't been to Orchard or Peasant, though since those are in a different neighborhood that Pearl & Le Gigot, one of them might be a better choice from the "showing the town" perspective.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      ooh, thanks! i didn't pearl was closed on sunday. hmmm, i'll have to think on this one. thanks again...

      1. re: UESgal

        If you want to stay downtown on Sunday and are looking for a substitute for Pearl, I would highly recommend Aquagrill. Outstanding oysters and seafood. They also have a great Sunday brunch which would fit your lunch or dinner needs. You might also consider Jane for lunch on Sunday, it has a pretty young and energetic crowd and Aquagrill for dinner. They are close to each other. You can walk around the Village or Soho in between

        1. re: bobby06877

          Aquagrill is a great rec. and if you go, be sure to stop by Kee's for a chocolate or two on Thompson - think she's open until 7pm.

          1. re: MMRuth

            Never been to Aquagrill... I don't know why, but I had this idea in my mind that it was really pricey. I will check it out online though! I've been to brunch at Jane, which was great, but never lunch.

        2. re: UESgal

          I think Tides, the teensy fish/seafood "shack" on Norfolk St., would be an excellent substitute for Pearl's. The food's delicious; the space has a stylish charm, including a very unusual ceiling; and the owner, Stephen, one of the nicest guys around, goes out of his way to see that diners are satisfied.

          1. re: RGR

            Ooh, I've never been to Tides. Love Pearl and Mary's Fish Camp - though I prefer Pearl. So, I'm always up for trying another "seafood shack" type place!

            1. re: UESgal

              While the menu at Tides is similar to Pearl and Mary's, the atmosphere really isn't seafood shack at all, in a good way.

      2. Have they been to Katz's before? That would be my suggested addition to your itinerary.

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        1. re: Pan

          Katz's is definitely a must, moreso if they haven't been before.

        2. Don't forget 'inoteca down that way. Very much what you are looking for.

          1. I second the Tides recommendation and would opt for either Peasant or the Orchard over Le Gigot for Saturday evening. I love Le Gigot but it's a small, cozy kind of place and the atmosphere at the other two would probably be better for your group. Peasant and the Orchard are both great. I'd pick based on where you want to go out afterward.

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            1. re: nychowgirl

              Thanks, I think I've decided on Peasant for Sat night. I haven't been there (I've been to Apizz though), so I'm looking forward to it! Thanks all for the suggestions.