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Nov 3, 2006 03:55 PM

Late Lunch/Early Supper Recommendations - Boston to CT

I'll be traveling today from the Boston area to Fairfield, CT (Sacred Heart, to be exact). I need some recommendations for someplace to stop and eat along the way. My only requirement is that they allow take-out, as I don't plan on eating in a restaurant by myself. I'll try anything though - New Haven pizza, a specialty sandwich place, even something ethnic - I don't care.

I will take 1 of 2 routes depending on recommendations:

Route A - 95 South all the way to Route 15 in CT.

Route B - Mass Pike to 84 West to 91 South to Route 15 South.

I'm looking forward to all the recommendations - also, any place good to eat in the Fairfield area, since I'll be there all weekend.

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  1. If you are taking the southern route, might I suggest "Edds Place"in Westbrook, CT. It is a deli-restaurant which the NY Times says "is a nifty joint... that combines the ephemeral charm of a summer shack with the more practical benefits of a regular restaurant." We often get takeout from them when tired of cooking. Get off at Exit 65, jog south to Rt. 1 and go west about 2 miles. You can get back on at exit 64. You may even want to eat in their heated gazebo.


    1. I second Edd's. Great place.
      Another good place is Clinton's Taste of China in Clinton, CT. Really terrific Chinese and they do takeout. Exit 64 on 95. For the fried clam type thing, there is Lenny and Joe's in Madison-- exit 62 on 95. And then of course you have the pizza trinity in New Haven-- Sally, Pepe, Modern. Modern is probably easiest/quickest for takeout. Also right next door is Abate, where tjey have more than pizza-- grinders, calzones, pasta and can do to go.

      1. I'm disappointed that I didn't see these responses before heading down there.

        I did have a great dinner at Vazzy's on Saturday night, which I belive was in Trumbull. Service was so-so, but the food more than made up for it.