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Nov 3, 2006 03:17 PM

Moroccan Beef Soup - What's in it?

Someone posted about Yemenite Soup - one of the best hearty cold weather soups. Recently I developed a taste for something called Moroccan Beef Soup that they sell at Great Neck Glatt. Its somewhat similar in spices to the Yemenite Soup but with more variety on the veggies.

I'm just wondering if this is actually a traditional ethnic dish or whether its just something they made up at GNG.

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    1. Sushi Metsuyan in Queens, Cedarhurst, and Teaneck also serves a spicy hearty soup called Thai Rice Noodle & Dumpling soup. I sometimes order this soup as part of their lunch combination special.

      1. Yemenite soup has a spice mix called hawaij. It has cumin, tumeric, and several other spices. Pereg makes it, I'm not sure what other companies make kosher blends- usually ones from Israel. Here is a webRecipe -

        Having married into a Yemenite family, I had to learn fast. It's not hard to make. See if this matches your Moroccan recipe -
        Essentially you boil water, add the beef bones and beef meat pieces, let the water boil again and (IMPORTANT) make sure you skim off the yucky stuff. I usually let it boil/cook for 10-15 minutes. Then you can add chicken soup mix (my mother-in-law's preference) or beef soup mix according to the amount of water in your pot. Then add a tablespoon of hawaij. Taste- if you add too much it will become bitter.
        You can then add the vegetables you want- usually an onion or two, (whole or quartered) carrots, potatoes, garlic cloves(okra, etc. if desired). Be sure to cook for at least 30 minutes. Test the potato with a fork to make sure it's cooked through. Serve with Hilbeh and Z'hug, and a very thick Yemenite Pita or L'Chouch.

        1. Pereg has their own kosher spice store on Main Street in Queens. They also have a small section in Brachs in Lawrence (Five Towns). They carry a large selection of regular and exotic spices including hilbeh, Yemenite soup mix, Schwarma spices, grilling spices, etc.