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Nov 3, 2006 03:04 PM

Where to eat in Hell's Kitchen???

Recently moved from the UWS to Hell's Kitchen. Have already tried Taboon, Nook, a bunch of different chinese restaurants, Pam real Thai. Any good places that I shouldnt miss? Also -- looking for a good butcher in the neighborhood.

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  1. Great:
    Good & Plenty To Go
    Tulcingo Del Valle
    Sullivan St Bakery
    Grand Sichuan

    Turkish Cuisine
    Michael London
    Afghan Kebab House
    Rice & Beans
    Oleang Thai

    Bali Nusah Indah (good lunch special)

    Tony Luke's
    Blue Point
    Film Center Cafe
    Yum Yum Thai
    Tiny Thai

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    1. re: Peter Cuce

      Peter, Do you mean *Mitchell* London? If so, his restaurant is Burgers & Cupcakes, and it's in the 30's.

      1. re: RGR

        Depending on where the OP lives, I think it's worth a mention. It's changed names several times but the menu has remained predominantly the same.

        1. re: Peter Cuce

          The place on 9th Av., near 36th St., that was formerly called "Mitchell London" became "Burgers & Cupcakes" several months ago when he re-tooled the menu with a focus on those two items. So, the menu is not at all the same as before. You can see it on menupages.

          He used to have a place near 41st St., but he was only doing catering there. He has also returned to managing the upstairs steakhouse at Fairway, but that's on the UWS.

          1. re: RGR

            To me the menu looks substantively the same as before, with Burgers & Cupcakes being more of a marketing idea than anything. When I stopped by a few ago, there was more stuff on the menu than shows on Menupages. Possibly it's changed since then.

      2. re: Peter Cuce

        Agree for the most part (i must be the only person who doesn't _hate_ blue point). would add under Great Esca and Taboon. I like Chelsea Bistro for Burgers most of the time -- I think Island Burger can be a bit dry -- but their black and white shake at Island is pretty tasty. I like Oleang as well which is funny since Pam Real and Wondee are much better known. I think 44 and X is way overpriced for what it is and i've never loved Eatery or Whym though my girlfriend is a fan of both. I'll second Vinyl and add El Centro as well. Hell's Kitchen is great food and great deal and a great long line though you can reserve for pre theatre ... and shimizu is the best choice for sushi, I'm not fond of west side sushi and haven't tried sushi of gari yet.

      3. Esposito's Pork store is a fine butcher on 38th and 9th.

        1. A few others:

          Marseille -
          Le Madeleine (hopefully, it will remain open) -
          Cascina -
          Roberto Passon -
          Uncle Nick's
          Old San Juan
          Amy's Bread (great bread + sweets, sandwiches, etc.) -

          1. Vynl Diner, El Cid, Island Burgers & Shakes

            1. Has anyone eaten at Xing? Or found a good Indian restaurant? I tried Kiran and Bombay Express, and was not impressed with either.
              I have to highly recommend Taboon. Service was amazing, and the food was excellent. I had the Osso Bucco and the meat literally fell right off the bone. The waiter recommended an Israeli red wine, which was a little green, but with about 15 minutes to breath, was a perfect pairing with two red meat entrees.

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              1. re: kiworan79

                I went to Xing probably about a year ago now and enjoyed it. It's a great space too.

                1. re: kiworan79

                  For Indian: Bengal Express (789 9th Ave, Btwn 52nd & 53rd). It's a tiny place with very little ambience, but the food is excellent (and inexpensive), and the staff is very friendly. It never seems to be crowded - I'm not sure why, since it's tiny, but I think they prob do more take out than eat in. Bangan Bharta (eggplant dish) is one of my faves.