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Nov 3, 2006 02:57 PM

No-reservations policy at Ray's the Steaks?

Just called Ray's (the original, in Arlington) and their machine indicated that they no longer take reservations but that I can show up at 4:30 the same day to give them my name. Does this mean that we have to be willing to be seated as soon as they call my name, OR when we come by at 4:30, can we designate a time we want to come later that night?

I love Ray's, but I haven't been there since this no-reservations policy went into effect. It's starting to stress me out! :)

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  1. You go by anytime after 4:30, and you can make a reservation for an available time of your choice later in the same day. They'll only seat complete parties at your designated time.

    Seems to be working pretty well - you get seated pretty darned close to your promised time if you're there and ready to go.

    1. Like DanielK said, it does work pretty well. I wouldn't call it a reservation, though. It's more like a place holder. When your complete party arrives around the time alloted, you get the next available table that can accomodate you. I don't believe they will hold a table for you. Don't let that scare you off, though. I've done it two or three times and have never been disappointed.

      1. Hey Marya -

        It does work from what I've seen, though I've never taken advantage of it. I will say that if you get there right when they open, then you should also have no problem getting seated. If, however, you get there 15-20 minutes after they open, you will wait almost an hour for your table. But they're very efficient about turning the tables over, and since most of the parties are 2 ppl or 4 ppl, it works out pretty well.