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Nov 3, 2006 02:15 PM

Cocoa/Cocoa Beach, FL Dining

We are stopping in the Cocoa area overnight next week on our annual trip south to explore and do a 10 kilometer volksmarch. Any recommendations from chowhounds for good, inexpensive local restaurants, diners, food shacks, etc. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Roberto's Little Havana for Cuban, especially sandwiches. Laid-back, family-friendly.

    Heidi's Jazz Club has nightly entertainment (pretty good for the area) and a German restaurant next door, Heidelberg. Check the menu at

    I had pretty decent food at Coconuts on the Beach -- it's kinda loud. There might be a wet t-shirt contest going on. Lots of TVs. But it's right on the beach, and how do you beat that?

    Don't know if it's still there, but seek out the Blueberry Muffin for breakfast, a bit farther south than where you'll be. . .I think it's Indian Harbour Beach or Indialantic. Tiny little standalone place with a blue roof -- any local can tell you where it is. Obviously the muffins are great, rest of the breakfast awesome also.

    I've also heard of a burrito shack called Da Kine Diego (or Da Kine something. . .). Not as cheap as the atmosphere would suggest, but I heard you get a lot of food for your money.

    Also search this board for Melbourne/Brevard dining -- we've had several active posts lately and that might help flesh this out.

    1. If you need a fix of Italian, we've enjoyed Goodfellas (1253 Florida Ave.-Rockledge) food. Run by a wife/husband team from NJ.

      Besides the great view of the Indian River, you might also want to try the fried catfish (and other fish) at Chowders. ( )

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        Chowders was pretty good. Surprisingly, the chowder itself was not, but I enjoyed everything else. I agree about the view.

        Speaking of, just south of Chowders, next to Rotary Park on US 1 (across from Florida Today) used to be a great dive bar/eatery called the Pineda Inn. I confess I never knew they served food until they were the only ones open during Hurricane Frances, and DH proclaimed it the best burger he'd EVER had.

        I noticed last time I passed they had changed their name. Do you know anything about the food?

        1. re: Covert Ops

          I think the new name is the Pineda Tiki Bar.

          We only ate there once...on St. Pat's day (couldn't take the crowd at Meg O'Malleys) and had very well prepared Corned Beef with the usual trimings. Keep meaning to go back for dinner but just haven't made.

          As we're both smokers, this place has an advantage for us. They have a bar in the restaurant & a second bar out back, that's in a seperate building. This allows you to smoke while sitting at this bar. I know that's a turnoff for some, but on a miserable night it's a warm haven for smokers. It seems the patrons of this second bar are about 75% smokers.

          1. re: cavandre

            I once worked nights at Florida Today, and the biggest selling point for the Pineda back then was that you could buy several pitchers just before closing time at 2, then take them out to the deck and drink on the river all night. ;-)

              1. re: cavandre

                Hee hee. . .I was young, but there were plenty of older ones there, too. Worst part of working a 4-midnight shift is no place is open when you get off work. (And the only people you can socialize with are your co-workers. . .but that's another story.)

      2. I like Murdock's in Cocoa Village, kind of a southern style menu, but not too expensive and nice. The old Pineda Inn on US 1 is now called the Conch Key Grille, also good reasonably priced food, but the river view is by far the best selling point. In Cocoa Beach, Simply Delicious on Southbound A1A is great for breakfast & lunch, very,very reasonably priced and some really spectacular desserts, cookies and the like. For something a little more expensive but well worth it is Pompano Grill on Brevard Avenue in Cocoa Beach, a small spot but great seafood.

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          Oh yes, I love Murdock's. It's casual. The servers are friendly. The food, while definitely not high brow, is delicious and fresh. How could anyone go wrong with fried pickles, cheese grits and sweet tea?

        2. Thanks to all you chowhounds for the great tips--we are staying only one night, but obviously we need to come back to try these different spots another time.

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