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Nov 3, 2006 02:06 PM

Vegetarian near BAM

Seeing a movie tonight (Fri 11/3) at BAM and am looking for a reasonably priced restaurant with a healthy selection of vegetarian options for my guest. Any recommendations?

I swear I searched through the BAM threads (those that were post 2005) and didn't find anything appropriate. Really, really I did!

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Red Bamboo Brooklyn
    Kind of a walk from BAM, but definitely worth it.

    1. I was just looking at the menu at Thomas Beisl, an Austrian bistro right across the street from BAM. They have a number of apps that could make a meal as well as two interesting vegetarian specials. Check them out.

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      1. re: Claire

        I have to rescind my Red Bamboo Brooklyn recommendation unfortunately! We went when they first opened and the service was eh but the food was really good and much like what you would get at their Manhattan location. We've been back twice since. The service was pretty bad, something I can overlook for a casual meal, but food was just terrible both times. Several dishes (the soup in particular) were actually inedible. I will not go back unlessed dragged by a starving vegan/vegetarian friend.

      2. Thank you both, most kindly! I will check out your suggestions.

        1. You may want to check out the places on 5th Avenue S. of Flatbush (Taro Sushi at Dean just off 5th, Miriam, Convivium (more expensive), etc) or Helios (Greek) on the corner of 6th and Prospect. All are within 5-10 min walk of BAM. I think there is also a felafel place on Atlantic in the first block west of 4th, but I havent been on that block for a while.

          Frannys, and Joy Indian, on Flatbush near prospect also would be approprate for a veg meal.

          1. You could also try Stir It Up at 514 Atlantic. I only ate their once, but it was wonderful. It is a west indian place, but the veggie Jerk Chicken was great: a big portion of very flesh like mock chicken with great sauce. Really cute service from the lady that runs it as well. And have a Sorrel; that alone is worth the trip!

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            1. re: sixraccoons

              Just ate at Stir It Up after BAM -- GREAT!
              Excellent seitan (vegichicken) jerk, and also a sweet-spicy seitan with pineapple.
              Nice lady, good food. Much is cooked to order, so you won't be flying in and out unless you're eating meat from the steam table...but it's didn't take THAT long and is was so much better than the other lousy vegetarian restaurants in the surrounding nabes.
              AND there's a full vegetarian menu as well as a full carnivorous menu . . .
              AND they're open for lunch AND they deliver