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Nov 3, 2006 01:31 PM

Green Street

Went to Green Street last night to try the new menu, which is all about upscale comfort food. Started with cocktails, which were terrific: the De la Louisiane was pretty much a Sazerac and the only one I've ever had north of the Mason-Dixon line. An order of home-made potato chips with a horseradishy dip ($4) was a totally satisfying accompaniment.
But things leveled out from there. An order of mussels was decent, but the broth (slightly creamy, can't remember the menu description) was on the bland side. My main was halibut in a bacon vinaigrette with succotash on the side (in the $20 range): small piece of fish, nice flavor, but nothing I'd order again. Could not resist and got an extra side of sausage stuffing ($5), which was tasty enough, but not a wow. My friend got the hanger steak and fries: lots of very good fries, not a lot of meat, which was on the salty side and a tad more done than the medium rare requested.
Deserts was a pear crumble ($6), small cup with a heavy dose of baked cakey stuff on top, not exactly what I consider a crumble, but OK. A special of pumpkin bread pudding with caramel sauce was much better: a winner, in fact.
A very pleasant experience overall: friendly atmosphere, nicely redecorated by new owners, helpful and attentive waitstaff -- but the food was just not very exciting. There are a lot of other places in the same price range I'd rather eat, though I would gladly return for another cocktail with those chips!

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  1. As much as I like the people and the atmosphere at this place, I am rather nonplussed by the new chef (ex-Eastern Standard) and the dullish New American menu he brought here. This kind of food is being done much better around the corner at the Rendezvous.

    I'm baffled by the change away from the former chef's delicious and comparatively unusual Carribean-inflected menu. I don't expect to be going here much to eat anymore, though I will continue to drop by for the excellent bartending. A half-dozen of my friends have had the same reaction: why did they do that?

    1. I'm just as baffled. I loved the former menu.

      1. Your impressions are identical to mine. My husband and I went to Green Street for an early dinner a couple of weeks ago. Initially we had trouble deciding what to order because everything sounded so ho-hum. In the end, he had the pot roast; I had the stuffed trout. I'm not crazy about pot roast, and my husband liked it well enough, but it was pretty boring. The trout, on the other hand was exceptionally good - beautifully cooked (and boned), served with beurre noisette. Nothing on the dessert menu inspired us, either. If the restaurant were in our neighborhood, we'd probably return, but it doesn't really make it as a destination dining place.

        1. I solve all those problems by going there for their excellent cocktails and eating elsewhere... (and man, are their cocktails good!)

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            i tried meeting friends there for cocktails a few weeks ago, early - at 5pm. Surprise, they don't open til 5:30. Sadly - we had to go somewhere else.

            I could've sworn in the old days they were open much earlier than that....