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Nov 3, 2006 12:53 PM

Authentic Thai please!!

Used to think there were a couple decent thai restaurants in the city... But since then I've had to opportunity to go to the country a couple times, and I realized that most of the stuff here are barely spiced up chinese food. How I yearn for that authentic taste! I mean, there must be thousands of Thai nationals living here, where do they eat?

A few years ago there was a noodle joint (BoBo?) on E23rd that delivered a spicy, pipping hot bowl of beef noodle soup that came close...alas its been closed (by health violations, one rumor goes). Does anyone have any leads?

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  1. You're on the wrong board. Check the outerborough board. Here's something to get you started:

    1. Here's a rave review of just about everyone's favorite Thai.

      And here's another place praised in this week's Village Voice

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      1. re: Brian S

        Does anyone know how to get to Chao Thai?

        1. re: jdmetz

          It looks to be a couple of blocks from the Elmhurst Ave stop on the v, G and R trains.

      2. am I to take this to mean that there's nothing in Manhattan? I live on the other side (NJ) and treking out to Queens for a meal is just a little deterring...

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        1. re: linuslam

          Oleang Thai on 10th Ave is pretty good, if you want to stay in Manhattan. You said, "the city," which I thought meant New York City, not Manhattan. There's a small Thai community in Hell's Kitchen and a larger one in Woodside/Elmhurst Queens.

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            I feel your pain, linuslam. I live in NJ too. But Sripraphai is utterly amazing and worth the trip, although the downside is that no other Thai restaurant in the area (or maybe even the East Coast) will seem adequate afterwards.

            My one visit to Pam Real Thai was so blah that I've never been back. That was a few years ago so maybe I should give it another chance. The best Thai in Manhattan is probably still Wondee Siam (not Wondee Siam II), a hole-in-the-wall on the east side of 9th Ave. between 52nd and 53rd. I'm wondering if this place is still as good as it used to be -- I've read some reports elsewhere that it's gone downhill, but I don't trust the opinions of posters on a site like as much as the chowhounds, and I haven't seen any downhill reports here, even after an extensive search. Although a couple of posters who are new to the place don't like it.


            BTW, linuslam, as for NJ, Brookside Thai in Bloomfield is very good, though not on Sripraphai's level. It's at least equal to Wondee or maybe better.

          2. How about Zaab thai over on east 13th.. I think thats really good.. I also like Pam Real Thai..Thats on the west side closer to Jersey. If you are looking for spicy, they have this catfish dish where the staff warns you before you order.. My girl and I really enjoy this dish.. But if you are driving, its literally 6 minutes over the 59th st bridge.

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            1. re: Daniel76

              Zabb on E.13th is really good. I was very impressed. My fiance claims that they make the
              best Panang Currry in the city. The staff are very nice people too. I am definitely going back.

            2. I've had many good meals Pongsri on West 48th St. The place gets little mention on the board but don't let that deter you. It's a solid B to B+ and the atmosphere is pleasant. Give it a try.

              The problem with Sripraphai is that it's so good that it tends to suck all the air out of the room. Every Thai place in the city is compared to it and comes up short.