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Nov 3, 2006 12:13 PM

Silvertone's Comfort Food

I'm fortunate enough to be able to dine out early and enjoy this place before the masses show up around 5:30! While the staff here never rushes you, I'm always a little uncomfortable seeing the crowd of people waiting for a table. That being said, I had the most delicious meatloaf there last night and my friend who had the pork chop claimed it was the best he ever had. I was actually fearful that he would pick it up and chomp on it so he would get every last taste! Just wondering if anyone has tried their Jerk Chicken because that's next on my list.

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  1. Their pasta with Ragu Bolognese is also excellent!

    1. That meatloaf is famous. I don't even really *like* meatloaf all that much but I like Silvertone's. Their burger is makes a pretty tasty meal, and a friend always gets the steak tips. I've yet to find something on their menu that isn't great.
      Haven't tried the jerk chicken yet, I'm sure it's good.

      1. I love the meatloaf! I have heard rave reviews of their macaroni & cheese as well, but the one time I tried it I found it to be quite dry and lacking in flavor.

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          Right. The mac & cheese is great. It's usually between the mac and cheese or the burger for me, so I can't believe I forgot to mention it.
          Give it a try again MLT, you must have hit an off night.

        2. I liked their mussels quite a bit.

          1. I was at Silvertone's a few nights ago. I tried for the first time a great goat cheese crostini.

            Let us not forget their outstanding and fairly priced wine list! I usually order cocktails or beer there. (I like the Cedric's Joy; I think the recipe changes each time I order it.) But this time we looked through the wine list, and ordered a perfect valpolicella(?).

            Other favs: steak tips, buffalo wings (I like 'em plump and meaty), mac and cheese.