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Nov 3, 2006 11:26 AM

Vinny T's, Buckland Hills

Ate at Vinny T's last night and came away not totally satisfied. Started with the house Chianti which may have been a mistake because it tasted a little watered down, or was very cheap wine. Next up Ceasar Salad , Familia Style, with anchovies on the side, pretty good, lettuce a little limp though. Chicken and Eggplant Parm.Familia Style for the main came in very good except for the heavy hand on the sauce. The chicken could have been a little more moist but the eggplant was superb, not even the sauce could diminish the crunchy crust and the memory of summertime flavor. Pre-meal bread seemed to have a bit too much oil/melted butter saturated in, but still tasty nonetheless. Missing was the roasted garlic, waitress apoligized for the kitchen being out. How can that be? Still has a ways to go to compare to the Boston locale, but homey enough inside to be comfortable.

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  1. Havent been in a while, but first visit was noisy and close quarters at tables. Found the Veal to be good, not a large portion , but the sause was virtrally taste less,and the pasta was over cooked. Hope it has improved some, but the last post doesn't appear that way. Good luck.

    1. I have had pretty good luck at Vinny T's - I especially like the fried mozzerella with a great marinara.

      1. I'm a bit surprised that you expected any better.....this is just another chain expanding out of the Boston area (now in CT, ME and PA). Not particularly well regarded in Boston, per se, particularly given all the great Italian options. If I were in Manchester, I would just assume head down to the South end in Hartford for a decent Italian fix. Otherwise, I wouldn't expect more than Olive Garden or Bertucci's quality food

        1. Crapola corporate chain chow. A pox on these "La Famiglia" style mass-market takes on Italian. Macaroni Grill, Bucca di Beppo, ad nauseum. Assembly line food..poor overpriced wine lists. They are not much better than Olive Garden.