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Nov 3, 2006 10:10 AM

ISO fresh soba

So I've just returned from Singapore where I had the most amazing encounter with fresh soba noodles. Soba ground right there and mixed (quite a show watching the careful measurement and the slow adding of liquid interspersed with VERY vigorous mixing)....

Anyway I now know how wonderful the fresh product is so I have to find a local place (if it exists) - San Mateo or close by preferred.

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  1. I too had a phenomenol freshly made soba, though it was right off Waikiki in Honolulu, called Yabusoba, though yelp reviews mentioned they closed :-(

    I too would be interested in knowing if such a place exists in the Bay Area but pretty much believe it does not, though I'd love to be proven wrong! We did used to have a place that made fresh kansai udon (Tombo) which was in San Mateo, but the husband and wife owners didn't want to do it anymore, and now that space is occupied by Izakaya Mai.

    In case anyone was about to suggest, Suzu-you, or that noodle shop in SF J-town downstairs from Kinokuniya bookstore, serves soba that is NOT what the OP is looking for. It tastes more like the dry kind but prepped properly (in which case I think Mifune upstairs does a better job at that).

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      I think Suzu is a Ramen shop and Yakisoba is also made with ramen noodles. Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour.

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        And as I learned in Singapore - from soba kernels (seeds?), which is what was being freshly ground and mixed with wheat flour. The soba is supposed to be especially healthy.

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          very cool- was this by chance the Japanese restaurant on Orchard Rd? (Paragon mall I think, downstairs) I was also entranced by the chefs at the window making the noodles, but never got a chance to eat there.

          I've never seen anything like this in the Bay Area. Looks amazing though.

          1. re: alag

            No - it was a japanese restaurant downstairs in Raffles City. They import fish from Japan (at pretty high prices) and even have a fugu chef!
            There are other restaurants that make hand pulled noodles (is Maruichi recomm below of this sort) - and they are great, but the soba noodle is quite different. I had cold soba which is served with a dipping sauce and when I was finished the waiter came with hot soba water (presumably the water it was boiled in?) and poured it into the sauce saying that it made a good soup (right :) ) and was the way it was always served in proper soba places. Is my quest to find a place like this in our local area hopeless :(

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              Hi Folks-

              Please keep the discussion focussed on where to find great noodle dishes in the Bay Area, also if you would like to discuss the subtleties between various noodle types, please start a discussion on General Topics.


      2. Try Maruichi on Castro in Mountain View. You can watch them making the noodles in their window.