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Nov 3, 2006 06:24 AM

English Breakfast in the PNW

I was in Cairns, Queensland several years ago, and had the best English Breakfast with grilled tomatoes, fried eggs, bacon and toast. Was that ever good! Now, what is it about the English/Aussies and great breakfasts but rather poor dinner grub?

Any chance of finding an English Breakfast in Portland or Seattle?

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  1. I don't know if it is good, but the Horse Brass serves English Breakfast every Sat. and Sun. until noon, I believe.

    Brian in Portland, OR

    1. George and Dragon in Seattle (Fremont) serves a full English breakfast. They don't normally open until 11:30am, unless there's an important football match on the other side of world, when I've seen them open as early as 5 or 6am.

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        Fado also has a full english breakfast. Personally, I thought it was a heart attack in the making.

        1. re: jdestes

          Fado has an Irish breakfast, which is somewhat different - white pudding in addition to the expected black, brown bread instead of white toast, and no beans. That said, Fado's is quite reasonable, comparing favorably to the fry-ups I had while in Ireland for a few weeks this summer.

          (Might be more of an indictment of Dublin than endorsement of Fado, but I do rather like Fado's sausages and puddings. I never had an edible tomato in Ireland or in Fado's brekkie, though; all Irish tomatoes are green it seems, and Fado just doesn't grill them enough.)

        2. re: dandelion

          While I can be considered a regular at G & D, I can't let anyone mistake their breakfast as good. The eggs are crusty, beans are canned, banger deep fried. The tomato and mushrooms were decent. Still a fantastic place to enjoy a pint and watch Premiership Football.

        3. In Portland, the Scottish Country Shop on SE Powell carries locally produced Irish bacon, black pudding, and haggis, if you want to try to make your own breakfast. I don't remember ever getting black pudding in any of the big brekkies we got in Australia -- and certainly not haggis -- so Irish bacon is probably the only ingredient you'd need from there to reproduce your Aussie breakfast.

          1. Try Neville's (I think that's the name) It's the restaurant next door to the English Pantry in Redmond,'s in a strip mall between 160th and 161st. My husband is English so we've eaten a lot of English food in Blighty and the Redmond version is pretty much the same.