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Nov 3, 2006 04:56 AM

Cajun food downtown... not posh or affected?

Is there a place where one can get NOT nouveau style cajun food? Central, East, West Village all good, even Hell's Kitchen. Maybe somewhere serving blackened fish, crabcakes, popcorn shrimp, with an informal atmosphere?

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  1. Definitely go to Great Jones Cafe! Not sure if it's officially or technically "cajun", but close enough for me. And they've got awesome margaritas.

    1. I like ACME, right across the street from Great Jones. Good food, fun scene, Abita beer and the best peach cobbler I've ever had (as long as they haven't run out of it).

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        I second ACME--went there for the first time last night. Great sweet potato fries and catfish po'boys. I thought I was full and couldn't eat much more but the manager came by and gently bullied me into ordering the banana cream regrets whatsoever.

      2. I want to like GJC. The concept of the place and atmospere really appeals to the hipster doofus in me. The food always seems flat with no taste to me. Even the Bloody Mary's are overated. ACME was fun the one time I was there. I had had a few before I ate so do not remember the food.

        1. FWIW, blackened fish, crabcakes and popcorn shrimp are not really all that cajun.