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Nov 3, 2006 04:23 AM

Ruth Ann Adams, formerly at Casablanca- where is she now?

I have just learned that she left Casablanca this past spring. Anyone know where she's gone? Very talented chef i think.

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  1. I think she just had a baby and hasn't gone back to work yet.

    1. Ruth is working at Hamersley's Bistro.

      1. thanks much. now I'm asking myself why would she LEAVE an exec position in her 'own' place and go to hammersley's where , for me, the food is considerably NOT as good as hers was for years at Casablanca. cupcakes mentioned a baby. maybe she just needed less responsibillity and she lives in the so end?.... Hope you don't think I'm nosy; I just am distressed that she isn't at casablanca anymore.

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          She actually is a personal chef now who teaches cooking; the business is called Let's Eat. Her husband is now the chef at Gibbet Hill in Groton.

          1. re: msgcook

            thank you msg. Plse. tell her many people miss her!