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Nov 3, 2006 04:20 AM

Julie's Pizzeria, Palms and Sepulveda

i always pass by this joint any good? i'm thinking probably not, but??

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  1. Haven't had the pizza at Julie's. But next door is a donut shop, I think named Royal Donuts, which is great. I particularly like their cinnamon rolls, which are the glazed crispy type, and cost just a buck. The proprietress is a hard-working, very friendly Asian woman, I think Cambodian.

    1. Tried it once. Had that distinctive corn taste crust - sorta like how Regular John's used to rock it. Wasn't awful, but didn't care enough for it for a second try.

      1. A friend of mine lives a block away from Julie's and, because of its convenience, eats there semi-regularly ... and semi-reluctantly. 'Nuff said.

        1. Maybe becuase I'm from St. Louis and corn meal was used in many places there, I'm used to it - but Julie's Pizza is great. Thin crust, good cheese and other good ingredients. I've tried a bunch of recommendations listed here and elsewhere and they don't come near the quality.

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            do they do by the slice? is there cornmeal on the crust?

          2. Julies was our go to for a while last year, delivered. And it's just fine. They're nice (on the phone), they have decent topping selection, they deliver for lunch, they also have other things, including ok salads. But off this Board we went looking for a new choice, and settled on Coop, which is very close, and far superior imo. So in short to answer your question, yes it's good, yes it's worth trying, but it's nothing inspiring,