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Nov 3, 2006 04:09 AM

Capone foods in Somerville

anyone ever go here? Is it worth a look?

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  1. i have bought his lemon pasta for years but i do not care for his other pastas. he has a lot of other jarred and canned items that might interest you...

    1. I like the ravioli, great prepared sauces...beautiful cheeses and imported goods...

      Also, they are opening a 2nd location on Mass Ave in Cambridge -- sorta across from Verna's/Greek Corner

      1. They have pretty good frozen gnocchi in a number of flavors - you have to finesse the cooking a bit - make sure the water is really boiling before you dunk them in - but they come out pretty decent for frozen. So fast to make, so really convenient.

        I dressed their chive gnocchi with a little butter and herbs de Provence, salt and pepper and it was delish!

        They have a good selection of olive oils, balsamics and others and a good Italian meat and cheese deli case.

        Also, pretty friendly folks - will let you try things - it's a good neighborhood spot.

        1. Where are they located? Thanks!

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            They're in Union Square in Somerville - i think technically Bow Street?

            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              I hear they have a TON of pasta's but you j say the lemon is just good? What other kinds have you tried

              1. re: Caserta44

                I haven't had the lemon - I have tried the roasted red pepper, chive and black pepper gnocchi, all of which I found quite acceptable.

            2. re: heathermb

              On Bow St. in Union Square, Somerville. I lived across the street from them for 13 years so I know them well. Capone Foods (owner and chief counterman: Al Capone - yes, that's really his name!) moved there from Haymarket about 20 years ago. They make great fresh pasta, cut to order, in dozens of shapes and flavors. Black pepper is my favorite.

              Their house-made ravioli and sauces, sold frozen, are North End quality.

              For a small store they stock a remarkable variety of really good stuff, so much so that although I now live in Brookline I sometimes still make the pilgrimage back to Union Square when I need supplies for a really special meal. They have a top-quality (albeit somewhat limited, due to lack of space) cheese selection, ditto salumeria. They have bulk supplies of things like olives, capers and pickled peppers. They stock a number of bulk teas and fresh spices. Their canned and packaged goods are mostly but not entirely Italian imports - they're a good source for real San Marzano canned tomatoes at reasonable prices, and have one of the area's best selections of fine olive oils and balsamic vinegars, which they put out on Saturdays in little cups for tasting with bits of bread.

              Speaking of which, they have a mutual relationship with Clear Flour bakery - they sell Clear Flour breads, while Clear Flour sells their fresh pasta and sauce.

              All in all, a neighborhood gem!

            3. Capone's is great! My favorite is the Black Pepper as well. Love the cheeses too.