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Nov 3, 2006 03:47 AM

Date night mid priced UWS Friday night

Me and my husband are looking for a place that is
comfortable (they aren't pushing us out the door)
good food
good value
some thing a little more special than your ordinary night
don't want to head down past the 80's
thanks in advance

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  1. My favorite restaurant on the UWS is Indus Valley on ~99th and Broadway. I don't know whether that's the kind of recommendation you're looking for, though. Have you tried Turkuaz, 100th and Broadway? I haven't been there for some time now (at least a year and a half) but liked it very much the times I went there. I also liked Pampa, if an Argentinian steakhouse is to your liking, but again, I haven't been there for some time (we're talking a couple of years).

    1. Not sure if this fits your bill for this date night but... my husband and I love to go to Dock's on 89th and B'way, sit close at the bar and just focus on us after a long day or week. We order martinis to start, oysters, shrimp cocktail and various appetizers to split (slowly - we take out time ordering) and then move on to an appopriate wine. We find it to be sorta romantic and fun... we never feel rushed at all.

      We do not notice anyone else unless we want to... the bartenders are great and there is a bit of bistro-ness to the decor... you can also take a bar table in the front if you prefer, we have done this as well as never feel cramped.

      Another suggestion, if you want to head to 105th and B'way is Henry's. We really like it can do a search for a more detailed report but the food is very good, tables are widely spaced, they never rush you and the service is perfect. It is a dark-ish wood like decor...ask for a table by the window if you like or snuggle up in a booth/banquette in the bar area for a different feel. We also do that, order a terrific martini, some apps and/or mains (great varfied menu from a mezze plate YUM! to crab cakes to oysters to ribs to salads to pasta to steak to....) and just hole up for a while. BTW: They have football on very discreetly on Sunday so it is also an nice, upscale afternoon hang.

      1. Sipan at 94th and Amsterdam has a pleasant atmosphere, good food and rarely seems crowded. I also agree with the Henry's recommendation. However on my last few trips the service has been a little slow and inattentive, though this does mean they clearly aren't pushing you out the door.

        1. It might be at the upper end of your price range, but I think Pair of 8's (88th & Amsterdam)is a good value, and fits the rest of your criteria.

          1. Bistro Citron on 81st and Columbus has solid french bistro fare and is a fairly good value. I enjoyed the mussels and hanger steak frites.