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Nov 3, 2006 03:44 AM

pastrami in bay ridge?

anyone know of a decent pastrami & or jewish style deli
remember HY TULIP ON 86th street.

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  1. Hinches, which is just north of 86th Street across from the big ugly muni parking garage, is a great old-school diner. I tasted the pastrami on rye my son ordered there last weekend and it was pretty credible (though I should add that he had poured--oy vey!--catsup on it when I wasn't looking).

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    1. re: Poindexter

      Ketchup (or catsup) on a pastrami on rye is downright sacrilegious.

    2. If you go to Hinsch--get a sundae.

      1. mint chip or pistachio. Their milkshakes are pretty damn good too.

        1. ...Back to Pastrami.....

          When I worked on 75th we used to Take Out from Mejlander & Mulganon a Norweigen Deli that made an AWESOME Pastrami/Corned Beef Sandwich with Coleslaw on it!!...YUM, My Arteries still curse me!

          I believe they are on 5th Between 76th & 77th

          1. Hy Tulips was great in the 70s and early 80s and went progressively downhill in the 90s and finally closed a few years ago.There are NO traditional jewish delis in the bensonhurst area anymore.Even with the influx of new jews(russians), the y do not carry that torch.Areal f@#$% shame......Go hit Adelmans on Kings hwy or Jay &Lloyds on ave.u. Both are mediocre at best.