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pastrami in bay ridge?

anyone know of a decent pastrami & or jewish style deli
remember HY TULIP ON 86th street.

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  1. Hinches, which is just north of 86th Street across from the big ugly muni parking garage, is a great old-school diner. I tasted the pastrami on rye my son ordered there last weekend and it was pretty credible (though I should add that he had poured--oy vey!--catsup on it when I wasn't looking).

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      Ketchup (or catsup) on a pastrami on rye is downright sacrilegious.

    2. If you go to Hinsch--get a sundae.

      1. mint chip or pistachio. Their milkshakes are pretty damn good too.

        1. ...Back to Pastrami.....

          When I worked on 75th we used to Take Out from Mejlander & Mulganon a Norweigen Deli that made an AWESOME Pastrami/Corned Beef Sandwich with Coleslaw on it!!...YUM, My Arteries still curse me!

          I believe they are on 5th Between 76th & 77th

          1. Hy Tulips was great in the 70s and early 80s and went progressively downhill in the 90s and finally closed a few years ago.There are NO traditional jewish delis in the bensonhurst area anymore.Even with the influx of new jews(russians), the y do not carry that torch.Areal f@#$% shame......Go hit Adelmans on Kings hwy or Jay &Lloyds on ave.u. Both are mediocre at best.

            1. Does anyone remember the other jewish deli, across the street from Hy-tulip in Brooklyn, in the 70's???

              1. As long as this ancient discussion is back on the board it wouldn't hurt to update it with the mention of David's Brisket House at 7721 5th Ave.

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                    Bob, is it really comparable in quality to the original location? the original is actually easier for me to get to, but i'm in bay ridge on occasion, so.....

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                      Yep, absolutely the same. Pick the one that's the most convenient.