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Nov 3, 2006 03:40 AM

Top Chef 2 early Final Four Predictions


2 Wild cards that have a shot

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    1. I agree with sobe's picks. However I have no clue who is going to win, but I am pretty sure it won't be marcel

      1. I think Betty has a good shot at the final four. And if Marcel maintains their feud, he may too. It was all too obvious that Emily would be eliminated in the last episode--her personality paled in comparison to Frank's and Michael's.

        I'd be surprised if Sam wins--he's too much like Harold from Season 1.

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        1. re: gina

          I agree with Betty having a shot, unless she completely blows up a dish in a future competition. I absolutely cannot see Marcel making it - he hasn't yet done anything that the judges have really appreciated or commented favorably on, nor does he have the experience under his belt. (I did notice his Wolverine haircut was a bit toned down in Ep. 3, however. <g>)

          As for Emily's personality paling in comparison - her snottiness said in the camera asides about kids, "this type of cooking is NOT what I do", etc. was a foreboding of things to come. And once Gail said her entree was so salty she couldn't eat more, I figured she was a goner. (Plus, her "no-eyebrow" look was bugging the bejeezus out of me! LOL)

          ALTHOUGH...Michael was a close second - his arrogance and sloppy plating didn't help him any...Tom was looking none too happy with the attitude Michael was throwing out.

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          1. No way will the final 4 be all men - Betty or the damn annoying french/ mexican B*tch will be in the final 4 - I'm pulling for Betty. I also don't think Marcel will make it, his cooking skills just aren't strong enough.

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            1. re: wingman

              Yeah, I don't think Marcel will make it either. I orginally thought Betty wouldn't make it very far, but she has won two challenges! I just watched the third episode last night and felt it was odd that they raved about Sam's dish but then didn't pick it... obviously it wouldn't sell very well at TGIF, but the chef really seemed to love it!

              1. re: Katie Nell

                Yes, I found that odd as well. I also found it strange that the fireman loved Marissa's dessert but it didn't even get considred at the judges table. Not really sure why she wasn't there over Cliff (Cliff's dish seemd to get good coments but not the praise of the dessert)

                1. re: wingman

                  Colicchio's blog states that he found Marisa's dessert overwrought w/ too much going on for what should be a straightforward dessert. Although the challenge was to give a twist to classic comfort food, it's clear he didn't think she executed it well.

                  While the one firefighter raved about it, I don't know how much anyone else really liked it. I thought that Marisa had a good shot given that dessert was different, her specialty, and served towards the end; however, her desserts have been lacking thus far.

                  My final four would be similar to the OP's, but I would swap out Marcel for Betty or Elia. Marcel doesn't have the maturity and experience to last that long. He really lost his cool about the fryer, so I wonder how he will respond to continued pressure from challenges and peers as the weeks go by...

                  I was actually surprised that Emily got the boot; I was thinking (hoping) it would be "beer is my first priority" Michael. She did relatively well the prior weeks, and I do think Michael's dish sounded like a major flop. Emily's nasty side did come out more...

                  The more contestants this season makes it harder to get to know them and their skills, so I look forward to more weeding out and seeing what the strong contenders can do.

                  1. re: Carb Lover

                    Is there more contestants this season? I am really finding it hard to follow all of the contestants, but I tuned in late last season, so the contestants had already been pared down by the time I watched.

                    1. re: Katie Nell

                      Yes, they started with 15 this season vs. 12 last season.