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Nov 3, 2006 03:22 AM

Douzo, Japanese, Report 11/2/06

After our Jean Louis Palladin blow out at the new Oishii last week,
(see my long review of 10/27.) we went to the 2nd sushi place on my to-try list- Douzo.

Arrived 5:30 to a quiet handsome room.when we left at 8 there were still only 2 other people at the sushi bar. none of the very young
sushi chefs were japanese. one of them recognized us from Sato II in Stoneham, where he had not been particularly gifted. glad to see he has ambitions to be better, for certainly THIS place has a lot to teach him.

we went for the more traditional nigiri and maki, with some new ventures. every single thing was fresh, generously portioned , delicious, and of the highest quality.(except for the lobster tempura maki which had miniscule lobster-claw tip ugh and was overwhelmed by the asparagus in the roll.) the soft shell crab spider maki was the most succulent, meaty version of that we have ever had. the unagi was particularly soft, velvety and large.

I am happy to report that in the Douzo world , 1 order of nigiri is 2 pieces(at Oishii it was 1 piece!!)

Great fun to discover 2 new fish types- Madai- Japanese Red Snapper- very sweet and distinctly flavored- and shima aji- shiny fleshed white fish. wild salmon was interesting but i prefer farm raised.
escolar (oishii calls it 'white tuna') was very distinct and i am crossing my fingers that i don't have the horrible nausea reaction i had from escolar in calif last yr. Escolar is known to cause bad nausea sometimes.)

Exc. version of ohitashi, tempura scallop and shiitakes. Amazing special of Black Cod Miso Yaki. The definition of melt in your mouth.
O.K. house sake; not as good as oishii's. same with age dashi tofu.
green tea ice cream (not made there) was very full flavored and not very sweet(hoorah). red bean ice cream was too weakly flavored.

had one of the best waiters ever- friendly, attentive but subtle, very helpful- handsome singapore guy with bad teeth.

walked out with a few maki pieces for breakfast; down $160 plus tip.
it WAS a lot of food...... Sometimes i DO wish i had one of those tiny stomachs. but then again, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy so many luscious things!

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  1. Went there last night, room was packed and we got the last two seats at the sushi bar. Everything was fresh and wonderful. Decided to try some apps from the kitchen and they were a mixed bag. Trio of tartars was on the small side, less than a bite of each. the tuna was standard, the spicy seafood salad was only ok. I couldn't figure out what seafood it was. The wasabi salmon was good but you really need to like wasabi!We also tried the crispy shrimp which were great, nice light crispy coating on them. Gyoza were Gyoza, no better or worse than any other I have had in Boston. As mentioned by the OP, sushi is of a good size, super fresh and they do some interesting things. Top of the list for us were "white mountain roll" which is tempura shrimp topped with snow crab. Wow! just about the best roll I have had in a long time. The tempura was perfectly crisp and the snow crab on top was sweet. I had to splurge and get some toro. We had an assortment of a few other nigri pcs and a summer roll. Two beers and the total was $106.00
    well worth it.


    1. Try the red spider maki as's the same as the regular soft shell crab maki, but wrapped w/ raw tuna on the outside and then topped w/ tobiko, so it adds a few more layers of flavor. Definitely one of my favs.

      1. The yellowtail is also really simple and really nicely done. It's nice to get if you're looking to complement the Red Spider Maki, which is a little overwhelming even if it is delicious.