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Are there any Chinese bakeries in Palm Beach or Broward counties where it ids possible to buy dim sum?

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    1. Not sure i they carry dim sum, but there is a good Chinese bakery in Lauderdale Lakes. Maxim in the 4200 block of N. State Road 7.

      Their # is 954 335-1388. If they don't carry dim sum, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

      Good luck!

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        In the same plaza as that Chinese bakery (and Silver Pond and Saigon City and the A Dong Sino-Viet grocery store) there's a tiny little storefront called "Asian Prepared Foods" or something like that. It is a wholesale dim sum factory and they're open to the public sporadically during the week. During the day you can probably just knock if the door's not open. They'll sell you items by the piece or in larger quantities.

        Also, while you're there, check out Gou Lou Cheung, a good Chinese-barbecue takeout.

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          (Oh, and the Chinese bakery itself has an assortment of sweet and savory rolls, sweet items associated with dim sum like egg custard tarts, and might have some steam buns, but I'm not sure. The dim sum factory is much stronger on the savory items.)

        2. ha! either turn north to NYC or head west to California. Tropical Chinese Restaurant in Miami is okay - or Ms. Yip's as well, but both made large clumsy dim sum that will just make you sort of...bloated.

          1. Try Mr. Chu's in Miami Beach for dim sum. Blows away anything else in S. Fla.

            1. Mr. Chu's rocks. Just was there again this weekend and I'm converted from Tropical (although my kids still think Tropical's Baked BBQ Pork Bun is better).

              Tropical, meanwhile, is still leagues ahead of Ms. Yips which is really mediocre.

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                South Garden may be better than both of these, and it is has been consistently populated by Chinese people for years.

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                  South Garden is in Sunset, north of Kendall, at 10855 Sunset Dr., (305) 274-8788.

                  Only been there once, two years ago, for dim sum. It was a nice place and everything tasted good at the time, but the char siu pork used in two items we had -- and we only ate one of each -- had enormous amounts of MSG. As we sat immobile with headaches and cottonmouth later in the day, we remembered the telltale slick, silky texture of the filling.

                  No idea whether it was an anomaly -- someone spilling too much in a batch, which happens -- or if they or their supplier always go heavy on the stuff. That would require return visits we weren't keen on making... and now we're never in that area.

                  It's not really fair to knock the place just for that. It seemed nice enough and the menu looked good. It's probably worth a try.

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                    I eat at South Garden all the time and have never been affected by the MSG, though perhaps that is simply my blessing. I was there about a week ago with a group of Chinese colleagues who ordered a lot of dumplings, shao lom pao, sui mai, wrapped rice, ribs, feet, manju (buns), etc.

                2. Thanks for your responses. I definately will give these a try. Having lived in San Francisco, I was used to several every block on my walk home.

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                    That's true with empanadas, arepas, and cortaditos here.