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Nov 3, 2006 01:55 AM

Fried Calamari: Rhode Island's Official Appetizer

I must admit; I almost always order it. Where was the very best? It's a blur! I should take notes. A list for starters:
The Ur Calamari - Mike's Kitchen
Best ever? Could be Cafe Itri
Haven't been in a while but I think I miss it - Paragon
Place that screwed up the calamari - Hortons
Where should I go next?

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  1. If you are looking for great Calamari then try Vintage in Woonsocket. It is fantastic. Also Gian Carlos has a tasty Calamari but it can be inconsistent.

    1. I think Spain in Narragansett does a decent Calamari.

      1. Twist on Angell has awesome calamari.

        1. Caylily's in Wakefield, RI

          dusted with rice flower and pan fried with scallions, cilantro
          and jalapenos served with a soy sauce

          1. The Capital Grille, which started in Providence, has always had really good "RI-style" fried calamari with hot peppers.