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Nov 3, 2006 12:21 AM

food near yonge & wellington

hey everyone,
i just started working downtown, by yonge and wellington. i'm a little tired of buying sandwiches from the shop on the ground floor of my building on the days i don't make my lunch, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for around that area?

anything within a 5-10 minute walk (the less the better!) would be good, and around or under $10 for a meal if possible. but, if there is anything good, no matter what the price, please let me know! i may not try it right now, but will hopefully get around to trying it out later :)

also, all types of food are good.. i am totally open to suggestions!

thanks!! :)

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  1. You're so close to St. Lawrence Market! Go there for a veal sandwich. Cheap and yummy.

    1. King, north side, almost to Church.

      An oddly named place called Natchos Thai Thai.

      You can pick three of a selection of thai dishes for under $8 <- it's a big serving of food.

      Personally, I like their chicken curry, papaya chicken, stadium chicken, black pepper beef, pad thai, vegetable curry and their spicy green beans which are, indeed, quite spicy.

      If you're in the mood for old style casseroles, French style, there's a great French place on the south side of the street that is parallel to Wellington, one street North (runs east west)next to the tailors. Really homestyle cooking.

      And definately the veal sammies in SLM are delish.

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        thanks! i'm hoping to check out natchos thai thai with a friend tomorrow. do you think we'll need to make a reservation?

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          The pad thai at Nachos Thai Thai Cafe (it used to be Thai Thai Cafe and then Nachos and actually I think they just go by Thai Thai Cafe now) is the best I've ever had. I have been having it there for years (it's actually the only thing I get there) and I've never had a better version anywhere. That said, I would stay away from their mango salad. It is far too salty. I have tried it a couple times hoping it was just a one time thing, but no, they add way too much salt.
          There's not much good cheap eats around this area. I like the sandwiches at Lettieri on Front near the market.
          Beer Bistro, Irish Embassy, PJ O'Brien's are all good for a bit of a splurge lunch.
          Ninki Sushi is good as mentioned below.
          I don't like Quesada.
          In the food court, other than Fresh Fast Food which is what I think you're talking about re the sandwiches, I still like a pita from Fit for Life and I like the tofu and vegetables from the Japanese place. I also like their hot pot soup. Richtree in BCE underground coming from Commerce Court has good premade sandwiches and salads.

        2. re: orangewasabi

          Anyone know the name of this French place? It sounds intriguing.

          1. re: munch

            Cafe Du Marche
            45 Colborne Street
            Toronto, ON M5E 1E3

        3. There are quite a few places around there you should be able to walk to in 10 minutes...

          - Izakaya on the south side of Front St. near Church. Noodles and other non-sushi Japanese, very cool decor.

          - Hernando's Hideway on the north side of Wellington across from the Flat Iron building. Cali-Mexican food, not super authentic I guess, but I've always really enjoyed it.

          - Spices Cafe on Temperance, just off the west side of Yonge between Richmond and Adelaide. A variety of home made Indian food, great samosas, and the guy who runs it is insanely friendly and helpful. You can eat in or get it to go.

          - Ninki Sushi on Adelaide just west of Yonge. Great sushi and bento boxes! A very friendly and affordable Japanese spot.

          - Terroni on Victoria St. near Richmond. Incredible Italian, great pastas and pizza. Usually packed, and for good reason.

          - Quesada on the northwest corner of King and Church sells takout burritos. Burritos are one of those foods that always launch debate as everyone has their preferences, but you can grab a decent fast food lunch here for well under $10 without having to order anything that starts with the letters "Mc".

          - I second the recommendation for St. Lawrence Market at lunch. The veal sandwich place is on the bottom floor, it's called Mustachios, I believe, and any combination of their veal, eggplant and chicken sandwiches are fantastic and huge. The takeout Canadian-style Chinese place on the bottom floor is also good, with friendly service. The sushi joint on the bottom floor at the back is suprisingly good quality as well. Some people also like the Churrasco Chicken sandwiches from the place just inside the front door on the main floor by the coffee store. The fish'n'chips place is not that great and kind of expensive, to be honest.

          By most accounts places to avoid in the area include any of the restaurants in the Eaton Centre, including Baton Rouge, and that Harbour 60 steakhouse right on Yonge at Wellington. The restaurants along Front St. across from the Hummingbird are mostly tourist traps -- some are better than others but you'll pay for the location.

          1. if you can get to Natchos ThaiThai at 5 to 12 it'll be dead empty. Then there's a rush between 12-1:30, you'll get a seat but the line to the selections will be long - a res would help but you should be okay

            I second Terroni, they're terrific. A bit pricy for your lunch budget though,

            And the Shrimp Dumplings are terrific at Izakaya (as are the pork gyoza, way better than the duck ones).

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            1. re: orangewasabi

              I third Terroni. For lunch, I would highly recommend the panini -- best I've had in Toronto -- which I believe are still under $10.

            2. What I missed when our office moved from the King/Bay area are all the food courts in the office buildings. Sure, some of them are the horrible KFCs and such, but there are a few decent ones. It's been a while so I don't remember what they are called, but there was a Thai one (Thai Island?) and a Japanese one at the Exchange tower food court (King and John) - love their noodle soups; an Indian one at First Canadian Place (Natasha? Tandoori) and Soly's which makes great fresh wraps. There are many to discover along The Path (the underground walk way that runs through the financial district) and you don't even have to have your coat on in the winter.

              See more about The Path at