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Nov 3, 2006 12:15 AM

Not all Lobster Lo Mein are equal

After envying those huge platters of lobster and noodles passing our table, we decided to begin our foray into the world of Lobster Lo Mein. Naturally, we ordered a few accompanying dishes, dim sum and the like, but we'll just discuss LLM here.
First we went to Ocean on Clement, based on CH recs. Though tasty and cheap, we found it lacking, mainly claws and other parts. But then of course they never promised a whole lobster.
Next up was Cafe GoGo on Irving yesterday, more expensive (18.95) and more tasty, it delivered an entire lobster which made a substantial difference. The menu specified whole lobster -- so be sure to ask when you order.
We plan to continue this research for the good of mankind.

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  1. You might want to try Imperial Garden on San Bruno Ave. When we did the dim sum tasting there we admired the big platters of lobster lo mein with the whole lobster. At that time (several years ago now -- how time flies!) it was a regular "special" for $13.95.

    1. That's a hella drive, but you know, anything for research!

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      1. re: Sarah

        Really? Maybe I should have clarified that I meant San Bruno Ave. in San Francisco, but I guess it depends on where you're coming from. On the plus side, they have parking.

      2. Most dim sum seafood restaurants will make a lobster lo mein or yee mein (e-fu noodles) for you upon request, though check the prices first. You'll be guaranteed freshness if there is a live seafood tank. Years ago I had a very nice rendition of it at Yuet Wah on Clement, not sure how they are now.

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          Actually the best lobster yee mein I've had was at Kam Lok in Chinatown two years ago. Set me back $24. But this was my hint that something was afoot there and the cooking was back on form.

          It was better than Zen Peninsula's even.

        2. Far better than the lobster lo mein at Ocean is the Dungeness Crab in season. My boyfriend's Shanghainese mother ordered it on Mother's day a while back, and it was wonderful. This version was ginger and scallion I think, though it was really just a well balanced combination of the big 4 (pepper garlic ginger scallion). I have a serious suspicion that they have 1 or 2 excellent cooks at Ocean and a few somewhat less talented cooks, who we tend to get when we're by ourselves.