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Nov 3, 2006 12:05 AM

alternatives to Mako?

I was going to take my girlfriend to Mako in 2 weeks to do the omakase for her birthday. Unfortunately they are closed that day for a private party. Any other restaurant recommendations that offer a similiar omakase experience?

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  1. Call Orris and ask if they do an omakase. It's also Asian fusion--good but not as good as Mako. Still, very nice food. It's on Sawtelle in West L.A.

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    1. re: ThatPat

      I do not remember sushi/sashimi being offered at Orris, only fusion-y/fussy small plates. imo, some plates at Orris were really good, others ... eh. And then Shiro showed up torwards the end of my meal and put some fire in the kitchen ;-)

      1. re: yinyangdi

        "Omakase" in Japanese (or I so I've been told by a Japanese person) means chef's choice--the words have nothing to do with sushi or sashimi. Mako, being Japanese, calls his tasting menu omakase.

    2. I've been there. I'm looking for a nicer dining experience as this is for my girlfriend's birthday. Thanks for the suggestion though.

      1. If you like seafood, Go to Providence! some dishes have great asian inspiration!

        you will love it, upscale, classy, fresh cuisine. tasting menu is amazing. sona is another good option.

          1. If cobalt's suggestion doesn't work ("wait a day") then I suggest booking reservations with Matsuhisa.