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Nov 2, 2006 11:43 PM

Dinner in Dinkytown/Seward Neighborhood, Minneapolis

I'm looking for dinner suggestions in Dinkytown or around Seward in Mpls. Not too expensive. Will try about anything!

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  1. In Seward -- Birchwood Cafe and the Triple Rock Cafe. Both have been written up recently on this board.

    1. In Dinkytown, Kafe 421 has good food. The Loring Pasta Bar has unique ambience, service and food are variable.

      In Seward, besides the recommendations above, True Thai is one of the best Thai places in town. Blue Nile does good Ethiopian.

      1. Try the Clicquot Club Cafe ( in the Seward neighborhood at 2929 East 25th Street. Great especially for lighter meals including salads and paninis (wonderful coffee too!).

        1. Shuang Cheng (hopefully have the name right!), just a ways around the corner from the Loring on 4th Street in Dinkytown. Great if you are looking for some interesting seafood.

          The Seward cafe (next door to the co-op) on Franklin is a nice breakfast stop.

          1. I second the recommendations for Birchwood, True Thai, and Kafe 421. Here are a few links so you can research menus:


            Or, if you're in the mood for MEAT, try El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse - it's in Seward, on Franklin Ave.


            Just south/southeast of Dinkytown is the Caspian Bistro, a Persian restaurant that also has many good meat dishes, and a great rice-crust appetizer.


            Bon appetit!