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Nov 2, 2006 11:42 PM

Ribs in or near hollywood

anybody have any thoughts. Tried Zeke's wasn't too im[pressed. Should I try again? and yes I am too lazy to drive to phillips and wait in line.


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  1. The Pig on LaBrea. I hear it's good.

    1. I'm a fan of Zeke's, but not for ribs.

      The Pig is pretty nice...if you like pickles, do their fried pickle chips. The ribs there are something I don't remember if I've eaten or not.

      1. I haven't made it past the pulled pork and sweet potato fries to sample the ribs at Zeke's.

        When people speak of ribs, its usually pork. But, the last ribs I ate were big, tasty, meaty-meat beef ribs at Wood Ranch BBQ at The Grove. It was only once, over one year ago, so I cannot vouch for consistency, but that night they were finger-lickin-good. Actually, if memory serves, I had the combo and the chicken was quite good, too.

        189 The Grove Drive, Y-80
        (323) 937-6800

        1. Wood Ranch has pretty reliable ribs, certainly, but oddly enough their Agoura Hills location is better. Eaten at both plenty of times (toggling between home and office).

          My problem with them, though, is that they don't char the outside enough. Their sauce is tasty, but sometimes I just want a hint of char when I'm gnawing into the ribs. Mmmm, carcinogens taste so good...

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          1. re: SauceSupreme

            I'm with you on that SS. I always order the beef ribs well done and then they have a little char (amount depending on the cook, of course). Try it, they're definitely much better that way!!

          2. I like Zeke's but ribs to me are mostly just texture and sauce, I think they have it right for the most part. I tried their meatloaf and would not again, and none of their sides were outstanding. Cornbread and hush puppies a bit dry, good peppery greens, decent mashed potatoes, too sweet slaw, a berry cobbler that was a complete syrupy mess.
            Outback has good ribs, but they're probably too far.

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              1. re: cls

                The pig, Zeke's, Ribs USA, Wood Ranch... Why bother?

                That's for people who like grilled meat with BBQ sauce.

                If you're lazy like me then drive to Leimert Park order 4 or 5 slabs of ribs uncut. Take em home and freeze the slab you don't want.

                Later, just reheat them from frozen about an hour @ 400.