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Nov 2, 2006 11:10 PM

great greek for birthday-- start to finish!

i've read most of the threads on greektown on this board and been to some of these restaurants and am still waiting for that elusive greek meal that is fantastic start to finish.

i had an incredible taramasolata at parthenon but the lamb was greasy and disappointing and their moussaka was a mess on the plate. costa's taramosalata hardly had any fish roe in it and was really bland but the atmosphere was lovely and a special stuffed chicken breast entree was really great.

most people here seem to like costa's or santorini's or greek islands. so where should i go for a special birthday dinner where i can get both a high quality appetizer and an entree and perhaps a good baklava? i'm not as much into fish-- does santorini's do lamb well? is greek islands worth the trip or too touristy?

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  1. Consider Greek Islands in Lombard.

    1. Try Periyali on Milwaukee in Glenview.

      1. I recommend Pegasus in Greektown. I have eaten there many times, and love the atmosphere, and cuisine. Also during the summer they have a rooftop cantina for after dinner drinks, and a view of chicago at night..

        I dont care for either Greek Islands location. Ive been to both a couple of times each, so I have given them a chance.