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Sushi Yasuda or Kuruma Zushi?

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For my birthday dinner next month I'm set on going to one of these places, based on the raves on this board for top-notch, no-nonsense sushi. But, which one? Is Kuruma that much more expensive than Yasuda? Any major differences between the two?

Also, how far in advance should one make a reservation for prime seating at the bar at Yasuda?

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  1. both are truly amazing, but Kuruma is insanely expensive. The nice thing about Kuruma is that you can always just walk in for dinner with no res-- but be prepared for several hundred dollars per person.

    1. If you don't sit at the bar at Yusuda, you may as well not go.

      I prefer Sushi of Gari to either of the two restaurants you named.

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        I've only eaten at Yasuda once - at a table - and had an wonderful, interesting meal. Still think about the oysters served with sea salt and the many varieties of eel. Also really like Gari, but for their nigiri sushi - if I wanted to focus more on sashimi, I think I'd go to Yasuda. Have heard the same things about Kuruma - and also that the fish is incredible.

      2. They are not comparable in price. Kuruma can be almost as expensive as Masa (in a much more downbeat setting, too). It is, however, very good.