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Nov 2, 2006 10:46 PM

fresh sea urchin in santa barbara or oxnard?

I hear that Santa Barbara and Oxnard are known for their sea urchin. Are there any restaurants in those areas that are worth a drive from LA that serve fresh uni?

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  1. I only know of 2 sushi places that offer the urchin, and they are

    Ahi Sushi @3631 State 687-6942

    Ichiban Sushi @ 1812-A Cliff dr 564-7653

    When I worked at the Wine Cask- divers would come to the back door and offer the chef his pick- and it would be on the specials menu that night.

    You might try calling the Santa Barbara Fishermans market- a tiny office below Brophy Brothers- they run a fresh market daily- and they would know who offers it in town- can't find the number off hand, sorry

    1. Friend's husband is a urchin diver and she thinks all the sushi restaurants in town have it on the menu.

      Or one can possibly get it fresh and unprocessed when the urchin fleets come in around 4-6pm at the commercial Harbor - across from the Maritime Museum/Navy Bldg.