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Nov 2, 2006 10:24 PM

Great authentic Mexican NEAR the South Bay

Ok, you know and I know that South Bay isn't a good place to find a good, authentic mexican restaurant, so I can settle for a place semi-near the South bay. I have a friend who's coming in from Hawaii and is missing some good Mexican food and wants to have lunch. I am willing to drive out a little - Long Beach/Carson, etc. but not too far (east LA)

Anyone know of a place I can go to during a lunch break without having to sit in traffic for an hour? Homemade tortillas are a plus!

Thank you!

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  1. How far north are you willing to go? The 91, 105, or the 10/60?

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    1. re: ozzygee

      I would say the 91, 105 but not the 605, 60 or 10. 710 is a tossup depending on the location

      1. re: krispykremed

        La Huasteca in Lynwood. It's right next to the 105. You won't find very many restaurants like this anywhere, and your friend will thank you.

        Seriously good, regional Mexican with an emphasis on historically relevant cuisines. Some dishes date back to precolombian era. I did a writeup on the weekend brunch:

        3150 E. Imperial Hwy

        1. re: Professor Salt

          Second this rec... the only other place in the immediate area I adore is Enriques in Long Beach, which is a little bit before the 605...


        2. re: krispykremed

          La Casita Mexicana in Bell. Within your geographic parameters (off the 105, before the 710). Excellent food! I enjoyed La Huasteca, but I keep going back to La Casita.

          (and I wrote this before I saw sassile's post below about chiles en nogada! - see more reason to check this place out!)

      2. Well hold on.

        For a good taco shop, La Cueva on Artesia across from the South Bay Galleria has pretty good tacos and was recieved favorably by the great taco hunt blog:

        plus they are $1 each. Check it out.

        1. krispykremed,

          If you expand your definition of the South Bay ( ), you'll find plenty of fine *authentic* Mexican food in the S.B.: The local El Taco Loco chain (with locations on Western Ave. and Lomita Blvd.), El Antojito in Gardena, Los Paisas in Torrance, Albertita's in Gardena, and assorted trucks throughout the area, just to name a few...

 for addresses.

          (BTW, if you have the time, you really should take your friend to Tacos Baja Ensenada in East L.A. -- I've taken a few visitors there now and it always gets raves. )

          1. Lichas on El Segundo Bl in Hawthorne has excellent D.F. style Mexican (chilaquiles con salsa verde, pambazos, mulitas) served with Homemade tortillas.
            Mirandas on Hawthorne Bl. is one of the few places locally where you can get milanesa, codorniz and homemade gorditas.
            If you want to have Mexican and Peruvian at the same time, try Nino's Place on Vermont in Gardena.
            Then there's the local Amigos Taco 'chain' that is often overlooked and underrated. Each locations menu and decor varies from austere (Hawthorne) to slick (Redondo Beach).