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Nov 2, 2006 10:07 PM

Loving MBCo

Anyone else lovin' MBCo?? (I'm eating at the one in the TC Food Hall).

Their mushroom soup with truffle oil is truly truly good! It's as good, if not better than many soups I've had a 'good' restaurants. Their roasted pepper/roasted tomato soup is terrific too. Takeout serving (looks a bit smaller than a haagendaz bucket) for under $4.

The salads ain't cheap, but they're tasty too

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  1. I haven't been to one in Toronto, but I do enjoy it in Montreal. Although I live in Toronto, I've been working in Montreal a few days every week for several months now, and and I went to the one on Stanley quite often in the summer. I really liked their salmon sandwich. Unfortunately I think they aren't open too late in the evening, so I never get there now.

    1. I had the shrimp and lobster quesadilla once for lunch at the TC food hall as well and found it delicious! I felt like I was eating gourmet food in a food court. :)

      But too expensive! Will only go when I feel like splurging or will try the soup as that seems more reasonable.

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          It actually should be TD, not TC. And it's the Toronto-Dominion Centre office building on Wellington. Their food court is at the path level.

      1. I found MBCo disapointing. I had a ham and cheese at the Yorville location (behind William Sonoma) a year ago and have never been back. Too expensive and the service was awful.

        For a great gourmet sandwich I highly recommend the Sandwich Box on Queen Street West. The wait is long at lunchtime but delicious.

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          I'm with you on the Yorkville location. Will never return. Arrogant and dismissive service. Food competent but high price for what you get.
          And the servers when I was there basically ignored us while talking to their friends.

        2. i personally think it's whatev - tasty, good for an ungreasy lunch, but overpriced. i've only been to the Yorkville location, twice.

          1. What is this place? YOu guys got me so interested!!What all kind of food is it?