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Nov 2, 2006 09:48 PM

High Park/BWV Dinner?

Hi there - looking for an interesting place to eat tomorrow night in High Park or Bloor West Village. I don't know these areas well so any suggestions encouraged. Particularly interested in Thai or Japanese places...thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. We recently had a very good dinner at Bloom. They do have some Asian-inspired dishes. See my review:

    Their website is:

    1. If you're willing to go a little further east there's thai 4 you at keele and bloor which has some of the best thai in the city

      or just past runnymede station there's Simply Thai Cuisine which is also very good

      1. I went to Simply Thai Cuisine a few weeks ago...great food, great service...

        1. We ended up going to Simply Thai, and I couldn't thank you enough for the recommendation. It was a fantastic introduction to Thai food for my grandma and my mum doesn't get to eat it often and was head over heels with the place. We shared the cold shrimp rolls, shrimp chips with amazing homemade peanut sauce, pad thai and mixed vegetable that was amazing - still crunchy and in a very light brothy sauce.

          Thanks again! HIGHLY recommend this place!

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            I'm glad you and your guests enjoyed your meal! I've never had a bad experience with Simply Thai Cuisine.

          2. You can also head a little west to Kingsway Village to Barcelona or Vibo...and there looks like there will be a new Sushi place where the old high end Harvey's used to be...can't wait to try it (we need good sushi in this neck of the woods - aside from Kaji)