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Nov 2, 2006 09:20 PM

Cold River Vodka

Has anyone tried Cold River Vodka from Maine? Someone gave me a bottle for Christmas, and it took me awhile to try it since I am pretty much a wine drinker exclusively. We went over to our neighbors the other night so I used it to make a pitcher of Cosmopolitans. They were a big hit! I decided to try a little neat and it has almost a sweet taste to it - it's made from potatoes, maybe that's why? And I really like the bottle - It reminds me a bit of the Belvedere bottle but it's a mountain and river scene. I think I might save it!

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  1. i tired it a few times and did not like it....
    Its not consistant. I also like Belvedere, but recently changed to SKY.... Its the best.

    1. WE love it and the bottle is beautiful.

      1. I actually just picked up a bottle recently, and really like it. It is quite tasty served neat, although a little strong for me to have much at one sitting. I put it in the freezer first, as was recommended by some Chowhounds on the spirits board. I have also been mixing up some pomegranate martinis with a Stirrings mixer, which are delicious. I would like to try it with real pomegranate juice, which a I plan to pick up next time I make it to the store. Have you checked out their website? They have a few recipes posted that look pretty good:

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          I just bought this vodka yesterday and mixed it with Stirring's pomegranite too! I was perusing this board for others' opinions of it. We love this vodka!

        2. Hey there, I'm happy to hear the positive comments! My dad's cousin is one of the Maine potato farmers who started the company (low-carb diets did a number on the spud business, and they had to branch out). I like the pomegranate martini idea a lot!

          1. Cold River vodka seems to me to be overpriced and inconsistent. At $33, it is priced above basically all super premium vodkas with the exception of Hangar One. I have had batches that have been sweet, some that have been harsh. The first batch they apparently overcooked the potatoes, resulting in a sweeter vodka. The second batch they cooked the potatoes less, resulting in a less sweet batch that I found to be quite harsh for a $33 bottle of vodka. The problem is that the people who liked batch 1 generally did not like batch 2 and the people who did not like batch 1 did not bother to spend the money to try batch 2. I would love to see the vodka succeed since it is a Maine product and the key is to increase production to the point that they can expand beyond Maine and parts of New Hampshire and into the major metropolitan areas, especially around the northeast where I think the product will excell.