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Nov 2, 2006 08:51 PM

Sydney - Glamour and views without breaking the bank -Wine too

Hi - We will be in Sydney for 6 days/nights. We want one nice dinner out and am looking at Est or Becasse. After that, we would love to still experience the great restaurants/views in Sydney but without the price tag. Wondering if any of the nice places have equally stunning bars and bar/lunch menus? Lunch and dinner seem to be about equally expensive at some places. We were thinking of hitting the bar at Icebergs, lunch at Sean's Panaroma etc. Also curious there is a good wine bar or tasting room where we can sample some local favorites. We are from DC and mid thirties. Love great creative food, good wine, oysters, trendy a plus but doesn't top quality or value. Thanks!

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  1. not sure if you;ve already left on your trip - but Icebergs and Seans will hurt the wallet if you're in Bondi, go to Mocean for dinner - outside with views, amazing seafood and very reasonalble prices - and uber funky bar downstairs where you can pretend your a local!