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Nov 2, 2006 08:39 PM


Any thoughts for Burma eats?

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  1. Been years since I visited and longer since I lived there but there used to be an excellent Burmese restaurant, Hla (come) across from Shwedagon that offered the full array of Burmese cooking. Myakhanta (Chinese-Burmese) had an awesome chili goat shank that always got devoured no matter what else was ordered. More recently there have been a number of passable Chinese, Thai, and Indian restaurants open up, and some of the larger hotels have some good food (excellent buffet at the Inya Lake, for instance). Will be interested to hear your report back!

    1. I like the tandoori style food in Mandalay and points north.

      1. Burma is definately not a food "destination" per se, but there is some interesting stuff there. You'll need to have mohinga, which I think is one of Asia's best noodle dishes. I also loved the sweets at the teashops you'll see everywhere--the only downside being that they're generally not very clean...

        I wrote an article on Burmese food in Bangkok for the paper here. It has some general info on Burmese food and can be seen at my blog: