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Nov 2, 2006 08:06 PM

Perry St -- best $24 lunch in town

If you haven't been to Perry St Restaurant yet, but still think, "three N.Y.Times stars for Jean-Georges Vongenrichten's second-best restaurant, it MUST be overrated" -- well, a $24 prix-fixe lunch there is a delightful way to change your mind. The prix-fixe is all they serve at lunch. You're presented with a menu listing twelve courses, and you can choose any two plus dessert for $24, and each additional course costs $12. (I'm not sure if you are allowed to choose both the veal and the beef tenderloin as your two courses, but there's no division between appetizers and entrees.) Here's what my $24 got:

Amuse-bouche cup of borscht made with apples, beets and horseradish.

First course Five huge, luscious shrimp rubbed in spices and grilled, served atop a mustard-yellow mild puree to one side of which, poured tableside, was ain intenseley-flavored chorizo broth.

second course A grilled sea bass filet, crispy skin on, atop a green puree laced with fennel. Atop the bass were caramelized radishes that tasted like yummy sweet potatoes. On one side was a tiny lake of tangy ruby grapefruit coulis.

Dessert -- goat cheesecake, macerated cherries with celery leaves, purple sorbet and caramelized nuts.

A lovely modern space a lot like Nougatine, great service, river view. And for most of the time I was there, the place was empty except for me and the waiters. You'd expect a line out the door.

176 Perry St, entrance on West St.

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  1. Thanks for the great tip!

    1. Wow - this sounds amazing...thanks for the heads-up!

      1. That's interesting as the dinner we had there (four of us and we tasted everybody else's food) was a curious combination of too much salt and too little flavor.

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        1. re: tsiblis

          My lunch was bursting with flavor and had just enough salt. Even the crispy fish skin, which an inexperienced cook would smear with salt, was just right.

        2. I have to try it again. I thought the food was all fluff and the service scattered when I ate there last year. Maybe they sorted it out.

          1. In case readers don't know, the same lunch deal is available at Jean Georges. I had the exact same experience there - an absolutely incredible meal for a ludicrously reasonable price.

            I've wanted to try Perry Street for a while now - thanks for the tip that the lunch deal is available there too.

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            1. re: binkis

              Actually, at JG it's $28 for 2 courses, $12 for each additional course. Seems at PS you get 3 courses for $24.

              1. re: Lucia

                I think binkis is thinking of Nougatine. That's the lunch deal there. But Lucia is right that in Jean-Georges proper, the "formal dining room," it's just 2 courses for $28. Which, I might add, is a fabulous deal. Don't miss the enormous puck of foie gras!