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In Search of the best hot dog in the Five boro's

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Where are the best hot dogs in NYC
Nathan's Coney Island
Domnick's Hot Dog Stand Queens
Papya King NYC

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  1. Katz deli
    lotz of kraut and lotz of mustard .
    only place i eat hot dogs in city ,

    original Nathans best in Brooklyn

    1. Swift's Dollar dogs Rock!

      1. Ditto on Katz's but I would also add Crif Dogs on St. Marks

        1. I have had Katz's . They are great. Not Been to Crifs yet will check it out.

          1. Domnick's dogs are boiled. I prefer grilled. I love Nathan's, but slightly prefer the spicing in the Sabrett dog served at Papaya King, Gray's, and Katz's. Katz's dog is a little larger than the other 2; and usually I would prefer this dog, but you have to ask for it well done. Sometimes the dog does not spend enough time on the griddle at Katz's. You can't go wrong at any of these places. Not a fan of F&B, although I haven't been there in awhile. Crif's is okay, but a different type of dog. A milder, beef and pork dog made specifically for deep frying. Crif's is a copycat of Rutt's Hut in New Jersey. I was even told this by one of the original owners. They also serve a New York style all beef dog prepared on a griddle. It is a quality Thumanns all beef dog; good, but a cut below the others mentioned.

            To experience the best dog in the tri state area and probably the country, go to Syd's. They recently moved from Union to Springfield, N.J.

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              Interesting - I know Rutt's Hut, but didn't know the connection to Crif's (of course). Thanks. I've only had the "Weller" at Rutt's. If you're expanding the area then I would also vote for Hot Dog Johnny's in Buttsville... no? I am TOLD they deep fry them in peanut oil (that's their particular hook). Also like their buttermilk...

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                Rutt's Hut -- that's a name from my childhood, but, for the life of me, I can't remember where it was. I grew up in the Elmwood Park/Fair Lawn area. Where's Rutt's Hut located?

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                  Rutt's is located on River Rd. in Clifton. Rt 3 East to 21 North to exit 10. Make the first left, go over the small bridge, and make the next left onto River Rd. Rutt's is about a half mile down on your left.

              2. Dash Dogs on Rivington is pretty awesome as well.

                1. I'll cast my vote for Jumbo Hot Dogs, a crawlspace take-out window, located on Canal just where it curves onto Bowery, across from the Manhattan Bridge. It lives up to its' name - big, juicy, full of flavor, downright explosive, and it's only a buck. Get 'em while they're hot.

                  1. I have to admit I like Gray's Papaya best of all. I am not a big fan of Nathan's (Coney Island) and I don't think Papaya King is as good as Gray's. That may be because of my history with Gray's Papaya -- sometimes we love things the most when we have memories attached to them. At least this would be a cheap taste test for anyone!

                    1. I liked the fat ones at 2nd avenue deli- I would score them and broil them-served with apple sauce or ketchup or mustard--

                      1. Dominicks is awesome..If you like em grilled rather than steamed they sell them by the lb...Something about a NY dirty water dog that gives it a taste all its own. Dominick has been in the same family for 4 generations..Still a great cheap lunch.

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                        1. Yes Domnick's are the best in the Queens and probaly the best steamed dog in all of the five boro's. They are on Woodhaven Blvd. Their prices went up to $ 2.50 a dog but who cares the quality hasn't changed in years. Plus the owners are nicest people you want to meet.

                          1. I say Gray's Papaya, I can't walk by that place without going in.

                            1. I also have to go with Gray's (especially over Papaya King in terms of service, price, and to a lesser extent taste). I, like a lot of others, was also underwhelmed by Nathan's (although the prepackaged Nathan's are the best hot dog's that are regularly sold in the major supermarket chains like Shaw's and Stop and Shop).

                              1. O.K., don't choke on your hot dogs, but I have heard that the kosher dog at Costco in Norwalk, CT is amazing! I haven't been yet, but I am definitely going to give it a shot. At $1.50 and free refills on soda, doesn't sound like you can go wrong.

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                                  it a jumbo HN and soaks in dirty water for some time. It is tasty and then you get to feel absolutely pathetic with toppings. they have a green relish machine that you crank with one hand while the relish comes out the other, Onions ketchup and mustard also on the condi line. the roll is double sized so can hld whatever you put on it but do not need all that bread. for 1.50 it's a great deal

                                  to say it is top five dog in the area is a stretch. there are many better and you can search other threads and hotdoglover and I have posted a bunch of great dogs in NJ.

                                2. Yes, that's the best deal around, and I believe it is nationwide. The brand of dog is different according to your region. In N.J. and probably Connecticut, it is Hebrew National. Further out west it could be Hebrew National, Best Kosher, or Sinai 48.

                                  1. I understand that it is, indeed, Hebrew National in CT. Can't wait to try it! I wish Costco was in NYC.

                                    1. There is A Costco in Long Island City

                                      1. Gray'sPapaya. Whenever I go offthe diet and just don;t care I go there for 2 plain and a papaya drink...yum!!!

                                        1. Artie's Deli on the UWS is a decent - and no better - neighborhood place except for their grilled franks, which are excellent (particularly with mustard and cole slaw).

                                          1. Ben's Best in rego Park has an excellent dog--probably the same packaged dog as most places, but I always get it while waiting for my order.
                                            Nothing tops finishing an order with "a dog in hand."

                                            I've never had the Costco dog e/one is referring to, but I have had the packaged HN Jumbo dogs and they are great.
                                            Abel & Heymans 16 pack is best packaged dog IMHO. (dogs in 16 pack bigger than dogs in 8 pack).

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                                              Ditto me for Ben's Best in Rego Park. And their pastrami is nothing to sneeze at either.

                                            2. And how can I forget--the tourist trap known as the Brooklyn Diner on west 57th street in manhattan serves a humongous hot dog which is excellent

                                              1. not in the 5 boros but Jimmie Buffs in Jersy is awesome

                                                1. Gray's, late night, kind of drunk, standing against the window, with onions and spicy brown. amazing.

                                                  1. papaya king on 3rd and 86th...yum! thin, grilled. craving one already and only 920 am