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Nov 2, 2006 07:37 PM

Great new local restaurants! (Pasadena area)

We've been HUGELY lucky lately in South Pas. We have 2 incredible new dinner places! They are so good I wanted to share them with all you local foodies!

Briganti - 1423 Mission Street 626-441-4663
We went here last night for Peter's Birthday and it was AMAZING! They even make a real Italian carbonara (sp?) Think a local take on classic Rome with a more family feel: clean high ceilings, brick patio, great food, and laid back Italian service. We closed the restaurant and enjoyed Limoncello with the owner and waiter until far too late. You must try this restaurant. Its incredbile!!

Mike & Anne's -- 1040 Mission Street (626) 799-7199
Feel good, lovely comfort food. Casually elegant atmosphere. This is our regular haunt on any given date night. I like the New Zealand Mussels and we love the burger and stuffed zuccini squash blossoms. You will not be disappointed!

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  1. I just tried Briganti for the first time on Monday night. I, too, will sing its praises.

    The three of us shared a pizza margherita as a starter. Wonderfully thin crust. As others have stated, I wish they'd put more than one basil leaf on top, but I'm sure if you ask they'd give you more. They seemed very accommodating and eager to please.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my rigatonia amatriciana (tomato-based sauce with pancetta). Pefectly al dente rigatoni, and a hearty but not heavy sauce. But the star dish of the evening was a pasta special, ordered by both of my parents: thin spaghetti with battarga (sp?) This was absolutely amazing. Fortunately, my mom was full before she could finish hers, so I polished it off (after finishing my rigatoni). A wonderful balance of spice & salt. It would be worth a return visit just for this dish alone! But I can't wait to try their other offerings.

    A welcome addition to the neighborhood, to be sure.

    I hope to check out Mike & Anne's in the near future.

    1. I'm so glad Briganti has had rave reviews on Chowhounds. I LOVE this place. I lived in Italy for quite some time and have been searching for an Italian restaurant here that (1) doesn't overcompensate with olive oil and garlic, (2) make sauces that do not taste like canned tomatoes, and (3) is not crazy expensive or crowded. The owner and the waiters are very friendly and we have become locals at this place. I highly recommend it!

      Mike and Anne's was a little disappointing to me...I prefer the other eats in the neighborhood Bistro K and Briganti!

      1. Is Briganti open for lunch and is it within walking distance of the Gold Line?

        1. Yes, Briganti is open for lunch, and yes it's within walking distance of the Gold Line's Mission Street station in South Pasadena (the restaurant is on Mission, about five or six blocks east of the Gold Line station).