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Nov 2, 2006 06:57 PM

MSP-Golden Fig and River Chocolate

I live on Grand in St. Paul and, until yesterday, I did not own a car. I rarely made it to the farmer's market on the weekends. So I was very excited when GF&RC opened in Maud Borup's old space.

Made up of a consortium of St. Paul farmers market veterens, they sell a nice selection of locally made goods. Syrups, honeys, breads and cookies. I've been seriously tempted by the homemade marshmallows and graham crackers. The smoked trout haunts my dreams (and is not always available). Luscious butter. There's usually a full selection of truffles from River Chocolate. The proprietor of River Chocolate has been working the last few times I've visited and he's been very helpful.

My favorite thing is the cheese selection. Lots of local cheeses and opportuties to taste. Last night I polished off a semi-hard smoked cheese. Now I think I need something blue.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I think I will have my own little "truffle-off" comparing River Chocolate and some recently purchased BT McElrath. Ooh and did you know there is a chocolate show heading our way?

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      Strangely, that chocolate show features Ameriprise Financial, Warner-Stellian Appliances, Nokomis Chiropractic Center, and Dazzle Me Jewels as exhibitors. Sigh. I went two years ago, and was completely underwhelmed. Tickets are really expensive, and there aren't that many chocolate exhibitors, so the lines for samples were insane. But at least they do have B.T. McElrath and Legacy Chocolates this year.

      Tip: The Legacy Chocolates store isn't that far away from Grand Ave - make sure to pick up some of their luscious truffles for your "truffle-off"!


      1. re: AnneInMpls

        I agree -- I wasn't that impressed with the Chocolate Show although it was their first year and that's where I was introduced to Legacy (they were just opening their St. Paul store at the time). Between Chocolat Celeste (University and 280), Just Truffles (1300 block of Grand) and the ones mentioned, you have quite a selection in the span of a few miles.

        E's Cheese in Mendota Heights also has some wonderful truffles.

    2. I did a bit of a truffle-off in August. I felt it was my "duty" to be in the know. I do like BT McElrath, but I prefer to frequent the truffle shops. Allen Whitney at River Chocolate is like totally my new best friend. Love his truffles, and have you tried his chocolate sauces? TO DIE FOR. (and I do love their local cheese selection) I finally made it to Legacy, and have to say that the 99% dark chocolate truffle, while maybe is not better than sex, that it's probably worth giving up sex for a day for. I've also been a long time fan of Just Truffles on Grand. And I also did a swing by Chocolate Celeste on University Avenue. Great truffles, plus they also were making Al Franken dark chocolate reese's cups. So what is my favorite truffle? Well, the one in front of me, probably.

      1. Thank you for the update on this place. I went when it first opened, but haven't made it back, mostly because I can't bear the parking on Grand Avenue. I just pulled up the short report I wrote on this place and remembered they said they were going to be bringing in some refrigerated cases so they could stock locally raised meats. This is one of the things that would perhaps bring me in. Did they ever get around to that as far as you can tell?


        1. I have been to the GFRC store on Grand a couple times and they have always been very helpful, and have lots of samples around. They do have some refridgerated cases in the store, so you might be able to find some local meat there. Definitely worth a call to verify...

          1. also super nice gift wrapping for all purchases, at gfrc if wanted-- a good, local choice for holiday & hostess gifts for foodies, unless you want to eat everything yourself! :)