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Nov 2, 2006 06:55 PM

Oleana recos?

I am going to Oleana for the first time tonight, and was wondering if people on the list have recommendations for dishes not to be missed and things to avoid. I know you 'hounds have mixed views on the place, and I am interested to hear from both sides. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I really like their pret a manger. I most recently had the warm buttered hummus and red pepper whipped feta, both of which I really liked. I also really liked the Greek tuna roll which I had over the summer (I think they have a more fall oriented version on the current menu). I had the free ranged veal in yogurt sauce on my last visit. I don't recall loving it. It was OK, but I definitely wouldn't order it again.

    1. The grape leaves appetizer with figs and yogurt is truly wonderful.

      1. We've had the spinach falafel, trout spanakopita, skirt steak with burek - all wonderful and distinctive. Also, according to friends, the tamarind short ribs are fabulous.

        1. We enjoyed the vegetarian tasting menu.

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            Ditto on tasting menue. Excellent.

          2. Make that three for the tasting menu. If you and your date both get the tasting menu, they'll bring each of you different things to taste. You can't beat that!